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Never Too Soon

…f the attacks, it is easy to see how one might mistake them for the kind of barbaric satisfaction people took in bin Laden’s death, and I don’t doubt that certain people – including, quite probably, many British coal miners – do feel such a satisfaction. However, there is an obvious difference between the deaths of these two public figures: Osama bin Laden’s death has historical significance, while Margaret Thatcher’s doesn’t. That is…

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Missing Pages

…response to the attacks and the October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. In both Cayton and Boorstin’s books, bin Laden becomes “a prime suspect” in the plot, and is portrayed as the mastermind behind the attacks. There is little discussion on the rest of al-Qaeda’s role in 9/11, with bin Laden labeled solely responsible. Most glaringly, there is never a reason given as to why the attacks occurred.  The books characterize the…

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The Many-Faced Jihad

by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb In May 2011, President Obama announced the death of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. After a decade long exhaustive manhunt, the US had finally caught the leader of the most feared jihadi terrorist organization in the world, Al Qaeda. Two months later, Defense Secretary Panetta said that the United States was “within reach of strategically defeating Al Qaeda.” After pouring billions of dollars into a cou…

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by Illustration by Liz Lee The problem with the firmly partisan prism of the media through which most of American politics is dissected is that we lose the many nuances of our political realities. Complexities become distorted and disfigured as they are forcefully shoved into the binary classifications of party politics. Perhaps the most extreme example is the way foreign policy has almost disappeared in today’s political consciousnes…

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Pakistan and the U.S.’s Long Painful Breakup

by President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari with the Obamas Over the last week, the US-Pakistan diplomatic imbroglio has thickened. A Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi, was apprehended last year for his collusion with the CIA. In Pakistan, it is illegal to be on the payroll of any foreign intelligence agency. Afridi had orchestrated a false vaccination scheme, which was actually designed to gather DNA samples on the residents of Abbottab…

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Breaking Up with Pakistan

by Dear Pakistan, It’s not you, it’s me.  I just can’t live with this situation anymore.  I know we’ve had our ups and downs in the past (our roller coaster relations used to be so thrilling,) but I don’t think I can do this anymore.  We can no longer pretend to be real allies. After the attacks in 2001, I know that I asked a lot of you.  In retrospect, my conduct may not have been quite fair. I was simply using you to get to Afghanist…

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Islamabad Relations

by Illustration by Esha Maharishi From the unannounced raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound that surprised and humiliated Pakistani officials, to a badly botched NATO operation that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, 2011 was not a great year for US-Pakistani relations. Many American policymakers are dismayed that neither friendship nor financial assistance has induced Pakistan to cooperate with American objectives in South Asia. Moreover, t…

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Why Pakistan Still Matters

by from Wikimedia Commons This week, the U.S. government agreed to offer Pakistan $1.6 billion in military and economic aid, a surprising move if one looks at the latter’s record at fighting against terrorism and often inconsistent attempts at countering the phenomenon. Aid had been temporarily stopped after the American special operations mission that killed Osama bin Laden. There are several instances where Pakistan’s has been quest…

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With Arms Wide Open: The Threat of Iranian Arms Trafficking

by In February, the United States Navy and Yemeni security forces seized a shipment of allegedly Iranian-made shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles heading to Houthi insurgents in Yemen. Far from a one-time incident, it is symptomatic of a larger and more disturbing trend in the region. Through the Quds force—a mix of an intelligence agency and special forces— Iran has begun providing significant support to various groups across the Mi…

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Do Obama and Romney Even Know What Foreign Policy Is?

by photo from Wikimedia Commons Foreign policy is not a game. It is not a contest, it is not a place to show off, and it must transcend mere politics. It is easy to draw red lines for Iran; it is hard to make Iran abide by them. It is easy to criticize China’s corrupt trade policies; it is hard to make China follow American rules. It is easy to condemn human rights abusers worldwide; it is hard to bring them to justice. It is easy to…

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