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Notes from the 15th Floor

by When I moved to New York City last year to attend Columbia University, I knew that finding housing would be a challenge; after three weeks of frustration, I finally managed to find an acceptable studio apartment one mile north of campus. What I didn’t know was that the apartment was available because the previous tenant had recently leapt to his death out of the 15th-story window. That element of surrealism would foreshadow some of…

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2012 Latin American Political Playbook

by 2012, by all accounts, will be a year for the history books. Power transitions will occur in the world’s two largest economies. London will host the Olympics. The steady shift in the distribution of world influence away from traditional Western-heavy institutions and toward new multilateral groupings will continue, while the rankings of the world’s largest economies remain in a constant state of flux (due to the failure of the Euro…

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