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Off Her Majesty’s Secret Service

…alition government’s deep budget cuts, its core capabilities were eroding. Scottish independence would force the United Kingdom to reevaluate its status as a nuclear power, and more importantly, it would likely involve a major reorganization of the British military, since at least some of its units and hardware would presumably be transferred to the new Scottish state. The United Kingdom’s defense establishment, like that of the United States, is…

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Diplomacy on Ice

by Illustration by Kaela Chambers Antarctica is home to more than emperor penguins and a few dozen humans with science citizenship barricaded in small hermetic bases. It is also host to an estimated 200 billion barrels of hydrocarbons, alongside large quantities of gold, silver, uranium, and many other rare metals underneath a pristine ice cap still virgin of commercial exploitation. Securing a territory with such a rich underground,…

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The Special Relationship?

by The War of 1812 marked the last armed conflict in which the United States and United Kingdom found themselves on opposing sides. Since the Treaty of Ghent ended the hostilities in 1814, the two nations have fought alongside one another in both World Wars, the Cold War, the first Gulf War, and in the last decade, the Iraq war. Over the years, American presidents and British prime ministers have enjoyed a rare propinquity, as in World…

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Teaching the A Team

by In recent decades, the United States has made it a priority to improve American education by “guaranteeing proficiency”—that is, bringing everyone up to par. President Lyndon Johnson’s Head Start Program, President George H.W. Bush’s Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and, most notably, the No Child Left Behind Act of President George W. Bush have exemplified this egalitarian ethos. These programs have resulted in million…

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Mitt Romney Can’t Conquer the World

by from Wikimedia Commons Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s trip to the United Kingdom received heightened media coverage after he told NBC’s Brian Williams, “There are a few things that were disconcerting.  The stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials…that obviously is not something which is encouraging.” Romney’s critical commentary on the L…

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Events 03/30-04/03

by Monday, Mar 30th Roundtable Discussion on the Proposal for an International Anti-Corruption Court Monday, March 30, 2015 – 3:00pm – 5:00pm Columbia University Morningside Campus William and June Warren Hall Room 101 By invitation only. This event will bring together academics, legal experts and policy makers to discuss the case for the establishment of an International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC) proposed by Senior Unit…

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In Ukraine, Two Disparate Futures of Geopolitics

by   By all accounts, the Ukrainian Crisis should not be happening. Whether it be through the assurances given by Russia in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 to respect Ukraine’s “territorial integrity”, the clear and sharp detrimental economic effects that Russia would be (and is now) incurring, or the general idea of an age where interstate war has been consigned […]

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The Christian Right Angle

by by Mikhail Klimentov Out of the exponential growth of the European extreme right has emerged a new archetype – the intractable and furious Islamophobe. The Islamophobe cares about one issue only: immigration. Afraid of economic competition and cultural dilution, the Islamophobe reacts with violence, hatred, and bigotry. In the press this individual becomes “anti-immigrant,” “anti-Muslim,” a “right-wing racist,” or merely someone wh…

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The Irish Curtain

by On December 3, 2012, the Belfast City Council in Northern Ireland voted to stop flying the British flag daily over its Victorian-style city hall building, ending a 106-year old tradition. Instead, the flag would be flown 18 days a year to correspond with specific occasions. Seeing this decision as an act of Irish Republican aggression, Pro-British Unionists rioted, attacking police officers with Molotov cocktails and setting fire t…

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The Bandit And The Bully

by Illustrations by Kaela Chambers As he officially announced the 2014 vote for an independent Scotland, First Minister Alex Salmond looked and sounded as earnest as ever. His normally ruddy complexion was tempered by the soft light of the Scottish Parliament’s chambers as he revealed an inconspicuous pamphlet to his colleagues: “Your Scotland. Your Referendum.” The document was to be, as Salmond put it, an outline for the people of h…

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