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Too Right to Be Wrong

…mpetency of government. No motivation exists to prove that government can function, because populist anger fuels Tea Party reelection. The main incentive of Tea Party legislators is to validate their constituency’s worldview, stemming from decades of GOP rhetoric, of an inefficient, bloated Washington bureaucracy. This anti-government sentiment began as a reactionary response to the “big government” policies espoused by President Fran…

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Reading the Tea Leaves

…r society,” up from 48 percent last year. Clearly, something significant has been underway recently. The ongoing Tea Party protests began last spring when, on April 15, half a million people in over 800 locations across the country gathered to protest high taxes, big government, the increase in national debt, and a slew of other issues, with a name that refers to the Boston Tea Party. Since then, a multitude of other protests have taken place thr…

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The Hunt For Red November: Explaining Republican Successes at the State Level

by Justin Phillips is a Professor of Political Science at Columbia University and a fellow at the Applied Statistics Center and the Institute for Social and Economic Research. His research focuses primarily on State- and local-level politics and their responsiveness to public opinion and voter preference, with special emphasis on the effect of institutions, polarization, and special interests on that responsiveness. Prof. Phillips’ pub…

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Election 2012: Third Wheel

by Traditionally, third-party candidates receive next to no attention in presidential races, mostly because it is an accepted truth that one could never win an election. However, this year a third party might shake things up; not by outright winning the election, but by receiving enough votes to affect who the final winner (either Romney or Obama) will be. One name that is often floated for a third party run is Ron Paul. Paul, an arden…

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Political Minutes: The Road to November 6

…essor Dorian Warren; Vanessa Williamson, a third year Harvard PhD student who recently co-wrote a book about the Tea Party movement, entitled The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism; and Todd Gitlin, a professor at the School of Journalism. Gitlin, also a prolific author, is currently writing a book on the Occupy Wall Street movement called Occupy Nation. The event was dominated with discussion of Occupy Wall Street, the main to…

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HR-666, The Tea Party Demands

by We, the members of the Congressional Tea Party caucus, present our first formal list of demands, which we will soon introduce on the floor as HR-666.  Our nation is in peril and for it we can no longer stand.  We face mounting debts at the state and national level, we have government entering every home, school and church in America, and we need change. Not the change that we got in 2008.  A different change.  A change that is less…

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Ace Forum: Healthcare III

by This is the third in a four-part series on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In the first installment of this forum, Hussein Elbakri, of the Columbia Political Review, analyzed the arguments for and against the Affordable Care Act’s constitutionality. Next Noah Fram, of the Vanderbilt Political Review, discussed the Act from the standpoint of public policy, asking directly if the bill is “a normative good for society.”…

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Healthcare Industry Fights Against Self, Wins

by for CPR I want to delve more deeply into how the health insurance industry won its vision of health care reform at the expense of the vast majority of Americans. The industry played both sides of the U.S. two-party system. The industry does this by giving politicians and parties millions of dollars, by employing former politicians and party staffers as lobbyists and executives, and by sending those lobbyists and executives back int…

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It’s That Time Again: Veepstakes!

by Okay, so I’ve put it off as long as possible, and there isn’t much time left now. But this was going to have to happen eventually so here goes. Veepstakes.   The No-Goes Michele Bachmann Michele Bachmann went from making headlines for her bold Tea Party leadership two years ago to utter disgrace in her unwarranted questioning of Hillary […]

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CPRoundup: That’s all, folks!

…chosen to be second in line to the presidency, but they may not realize the gravity of that position. West is a Tea Party favorite but unpopular with mainstream GOP party members, despite his ability to raise huge amounts of money and rile up crowds of Floridians against the welfare state. And while raising money is probably the only official duty that the vice president carries out these days, I’d prefer anyone else but a freshman Tea Party rep…

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