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License to Spill

…an unconventional fossil fuel because of its particularly energy-intensive extraction process; according to the State Department, it emits 17 percent more CO2 than conventional oil, since it requires a large quantity of heat to separate the oil and sand. The president now faces a difficult decision. Since the pipeline would pass international borders, it requires a permit from the State Department, and so Obama and his administration have the fi…

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…ational community. Although never speaking directly with the Turkish government about the ban, the United States State Department equated it to “twenty-first century book burning” and urged its ally not to fear the freeflow of ideas the Internet allows. In a similar vein, the European Union called the ban “gravely concerning.” The US State Department, which unilaterally condemns breaches of free speech around the world, did not, and could not, do…

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Benghazi: The Definitive Report

…think this is an interesting question, and I’ll try to be as clear as I possibly can. Ambassador Stevens and the State Department had absolutely nothing to do with trafficking weapons, and for that matter, neither did the CIA. That was a State Department mission in Benghazi that had been packed full of paramilitary operatives from the CIA, but the thing I would emphasize is that none of them—the State Department or the Agency—were running guns to…

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Mending the Horn

by Abukar Arman is the special envoy to the United States from the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia. In 1991, the ruling regime in Somalia was overthrown by a number of competing clans and political factions, and since then the country has been torn apart by violent civil war and political instability. In 2004, the TFG was established in an effort to restore peace in Somalia and lay the foundation for national unity. Despite…

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Mudslinging in Denial

by by Marissa Tjartjalis Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been accused of many things throughout her political career. Yet until her visit to Egypt this past July, being a “Secret Islamist” was not one of them. Pulling up to the Four Seasons in Cairo, however, Clinton encountered a number of surprising allegations. “Hillary Clinton is the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood,” one sign read in the midst of screaming protester…

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Acknowledging the Americas

by In 2008, President Barack Obama had a clear idea for Latin American foreign policy. The Bush administration, distracted by events in the Middle East, had pursued a harmful hemispheric policy of blustering unilateralism and neglect; Obama, conversely, would pursue a “new partnership” with the Americas, one marked by cooperation and mutual interests. His subsequent election was heralded throughout Latin America as an opportunity to r…

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The Ultimate Gamble

by by Sida Chen In June of 2013, Iran will elect a successor to its two-term president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It will be the first presidential election to take place since the Green Revolution of 2009, the scene of mass protests in response to the direct manipulation of Iranian electoral outcomes. As they gained momentum, the protesters were brutally suppressed by Iran’s security forces. Establishment forces in Iran, represented by th…

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27 Million Bound

by In July 2009, President Barack Obama made his first presidential visit to sub-Saharan Africa and took his wife and daughters to the Cape Coast Castle, a ghostly whitewashed fort in Ghana that was used to hold and ship Africans to the Americas during the time of the Atlantic slave trade. In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Obama compared visiting Cape Coast to visiting Birkenau: “The experience of slavery is like the experience of…

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Chiquita Massacre

by “After his shout something happened that did not bring on fright but a kind of hallucination. The captain gave the order to fire and fourteen machine guns answered at once… When Jose Arcadio came to he was lying face up in the darkness… Several hours must have passed since the massacre because the corpses had the same temperature as plaster in autumn…and those who had put them in the car had had time to pile them like bananas……

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Rebiya Kadeer — Face of the Uighurs

…I believe (and I could be wrong) that in the summer of 2009, just before the incident in Urumchi, I saw you at a State Department function in Washington, D.C. What is your relationship with the U.S. State Department and other U.S. officials, what support do they lend you, and has that relationship changed since last summer? RK: American officials and representatives, including State Department officials, members of Congress, and members of the Ad…

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