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Chiquita Massacre

…d the US government’s war on terror. Should the US government bother to bring American corporations that support terrorists to justice when those terrorists do not harm American interests? Since September 11, Americans have realized that terrorism can have grave consequences and that to stop it both the people who perpetrate it and those who sponsor it must be held responsible. While Chiquita was paying the paramilitaries, they murdered around 3,…

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…of the drone strikes approved by President Obama targets “groups of men believed to be militants associated with terrorist groups, but whose identities aren’t always known.” The administration refuses to clarify what “being in association” with a terrorist group entails, or, for that matter, any of the legal principles underlying the use of drone strikes. The killing of Anwar al-Awlaki exhibited the fine line between warfare and extrajudicial hom…

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Response to “The A-Word”

by An Israeli-Palestinian standoff Students for Justice in Palestine have set up a protest this week on College Walk as part of their annual Israel Apartheid Week. Conversely, Omar Abboud lamented in a CPR column that the word “apartheid” has been universally rejected as a basis for criticizing Israel. While legitimately highlighting how criticism of Israel can be rejected by some circles, Mr. Abboud fails to explore the actual meanin…

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Charge of the Right Brigade

by   European countries have traditionally had political parties that range from the very liberal to the very conservative, stretching further in both directions than, say, the two political parties in the United States. Historically, the more conservative parties remained firmly on the fringes of society and did not gained much power politically. The recent changes in the ethnic distribution […]

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Wasted Blood

…for political propaganda that it can be used to justify just about anything. As Nelson Mandela could attest, the terrorists of today are the nobel laureates of tomorrow. But even if  we assume Jabarri was the world’s most evil, blood thirsty terrorist, he was also Hamas’ primary peace negotiator. If you come to the bargaining table in good faith, you do not hide a machine gun under your seat. Netanyahu threw away the opportunity to make the lives…

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The Pacifist’s Revolt

…errorism suspects and for the establishment of an internal police unit to root out officers suspected of helping terrorists. Some of Pakistan’s most pertinent challenges in dealing with budding terrorist organizations include a burgeoning youth population, inadequate education resources and high unemployment. Simultaneously, there is the growing Talibanization of Pakistan because of terrorist havens in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas at t…

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Rigging the System

by Weihui Lu The numbers alone are striking. In 2011, the World Bank estimated the gross domestic product (GDP) of the state of Ecuador at approximately $67 billion. Chevron Corporation, by contrast, reported sales of $236.3 billion for 2011, with nearly $27 billion in profits alone. In the same year, a local Ecuadorian court ruling against Chevron in an $18 billion case over the company’s widespread pollution in the Ecuadorian rainfor…

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Putting Evil in Context

…anding of the MEK. Last week, the U.S. State Department removed this very group from its weighty list of foreign terrorist organizations, a change overseen by Hillary Clinton herself. On the face of it, the United States just pardoned a terror group with a record of terrorist activity. Worse, this group is Iranian, suggesting that the U.S. is dealing with this obviously threatening country in less than appropriately stringent ways. But within the…

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A Response to “A Modest Proposal”

by   In his piece published online on January 13, my fellow Middle East columnist Eliot Sackler argued that in light of Hamas’s supposed growing legitimacy and desire for progress, Israel should embrace a “pragmatic policy” and recognize Hamas as a political actor, adopting a policy of “engagement” as opposed to one of ”isolation.” The piece is admirable for its […]

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Israel/Palestine Debates

by PROMPT:  What is the academic boycott of Israel and why is it so important? PANELISTS:  Isabel Peñaranda, CC ’14, is studying Anthropology, and uses it to draw connections between the dispossession of poor communities of color in Harlem due to Columbia’s Manhattanville expansion, the people of Palestine by the Israeli state, and peasants by state and paramilitary violence in Colombia, where she is from. She hopes to retur…

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