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The Cruel Reality of Columbia’s Sexual Assault Policy

…ut what is actually being done to combat the bureaucratic complacency and indifference towards the plight of its students? The Coalition Against Sexual Violence (an alliance formed between various student groups) is currently reviewing University policy on sexual assault and will—with the oversight and advice of the legal advisory group Students Active for Ending Rape—release a comprehensive outline of suggested reforms in the coming month. These…

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“It Was The State”

…l narrative, on September 26th, the mayor of Iguana, José Luis Abarca, ordered a direct attack on the Ayotzinapa students, allegedly in an effort to prevent them from disturbing his wife’s political event. After the students were fired on by municipal police, which resulted in six deaths, the remaining students were openly handed off to members of the local drug band, Guerreros Unidos, who loaded them into trucks and drove off. Three days prior t…

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Interview: #Yosoy132 Organizer Valeria Hamel

…ened when the presidential candidate Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) went to the Iberoamerican University. Thousands of students protested against him and then uploaded their videos on Youtube. Meanwhile, the media said that the people involved in the protest where “acarreados y porros” (recruited and paid participants to protest) and that his visit had actually been a success. In response, the students involved made a video in which 131 students showed…

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Columbia, The Socially Irresponsible Investor

…cent and historical events have suggested Columbia’s institutional goals to be anything but idealistic. In fact, students at Columbia seem to be far more ethically-minded than the institution itself. I argue that the University’s longstanding orientation towards profit and bureaucracy has come at the cost of more principled and moral institutional aims. In the past two years, Columbia students have called out the administration for its dissolute…

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Invisible Children

…ent takeovers of buildings, paralyzing strikes and destruction of property were visible forms of protest used by students to incite response from the outside world. Today’s student activists, more legally and operationally savvy, use quieter methods whose power often goes unnoticed. Protests still provide one vein of action, but administrators have seen a marked rise in the willingness of activists to comply with university security and rules. St…

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An Incomprehensive Overview of CU Activism

…e to those who stood up and fought. This is absolutely not to say no one is doing this — there are and have been students working to create and sustain an institutional memory. However, this is to say we need more: More students, more memory, more protest. Why do we need an institutional memory? Perhaps most importantly, we need it so we know that we can win. As far back as 1932, Columbia and Barnard students took action to defend free speech. Re…

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Political Minutes: Barnard Workers at Founder’s Day

…de issues like sexual harassment arbitration and maternity leave. Given these uncertainties, a group of about 15 students from Students Support Barnard Workers dressed in black and joined the Founders’ Day celebrations at Barnard College to give out information on the crisis. Organizers felt Founders’ Day was the perfect venue for raising consciousness because it is day dedicated to the ostensible mission of Barnard-the empowerment of women. They…

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Classroots Activism

…istently referred to its activity as a “social strike,” and from the beginning, the movement sought to transcend students’ immediate interests. Students formed alliances with mining and public sector workers facing layoffs and pay cuts; their participation in the protests was crucial to movement’s base of support. For American activists seeking inspiration, the Canadian strike illustrates that cooperation between students and labor is politically…

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Achievement Gap

…of the achievement gap frame does have the inescapable consequence of shifting our focus onto poor and minority students. While those who talk about the achievement gap do not intend to lay blame on disadvantaged communities and students, the frame has potentially negative consequences – not only does it distract from national educational deficiencies, it also emphasizes the failures of certain schools in these communities. It would be a greater…

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Five Lessons in Cultural Studies

…power-laden practice of mapping.” In this way, cultural studies also present a shift in perspective, encouraging students to enter into a constant state of interrogation of their object of study. University Professor Edward Said once commented, “[H]ow does one know that ‘things exist,’ and to what extent are the ‘things that exist’ constituted by the knower?” In this new method of inquiry, students of cultural studies scrutinize the history of kn…

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