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Waiting for Labor’s Day

by Illustration by Amalia Rinehart The last year has been a big one for American labor unions. From Wisconsin to Alabama to the NBA, policy makers are re-examining their stances on collective bargaining. After running largely on an economic platform, Republicans took their success in the November 2010 elections as a cue to advance conservative economic policies. Many lawmakers began to characterize wages and benefits for public-sector…

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The Debt Offensive: Focusing on Entitlements

by In the first half of 2010, investor confidence in several European nations plummeted. For years these nations had experienced debt accumulation and increasing budget deficits. Understanding the urgency of the crisis, virtually all Western European countries—even financially secure ones—implemented austerity programs and made efforts to decrease structural deficits. Despite the transnational support for austerity, the policy has been…

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We Got More Than Our Health

by As a left-wing domestic columnist for this publication, I should be writing, thinking, breathing, celebrating, drinking, AND sleeping healthcare right now. It’s the big story. I should write a column about how important this decision is, how Chief Justice Roberts has defied expectations and changed the composition of the court, how the Democrats have been given a second chance to sell the health care bill to the public, which they f…

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Cashing In On Columbia?

by Cover image by Katie Shenck, via Flickr. As the end of the year approaches, students across Columbia’s campus are turning their thoughts towards the world outside the gates of 116th and Broadway. With recovery from the global recession proceeding slowly and youth unemployment at almost 15 percent, it is tempting to question the actual value of our liberal arts degrees. We reached out to the Columbia community to find out their vi…

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Gone With the Trend

by From Wikimedia Commons The government’s monthly jobs report for May has ignited a political firestorm in Washington and has become an issue of great concern for the Obama administration. The report showed that the economy only added 69,000 jobs last month, causing the national unemployment rate to increase from 8.1 percent to 8.2 percent. This increase primarily represents the previously employed reentering the workforce, since tho…

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The North Dakota Way

by Wikimedia Commons Fargo is an unlikely candidate for the next great American city. The metropolitan area population is slightly higher than that of Yonkers. The nearest major airport is 250 miles away, in Minneapolis. Its largest company is a local subsidiary of John Deere. But the provincial image belies surprising—and substantial—changes. The city’s population grew by 20.25% between 2000 and 2010, more than twice the national ave…

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A War on Women

by We are in an economic recession. While some monetary sacrifices for governmental agencies are inevitable, the latest push to deprive Planned Parenthood of all federal funding is not solely motivated by the desire for fiscal conservatism. Instead, the burgeoning campaign against funding for Planned Parenthood is overtly purported to be a means of rectifying an existing ethical dilemma: forcing Americans to finance abortion services t…

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The Great Stall of China

by It is difficult to doubt today that China will ascend the power hierarchy and rise as a global superpower within the next century. News headlines constantly remind us of China’s remarkable economic growth and increasing political clout. Particularly as the power of the United States appears to be waning, speculation of a Chinese 21st century runs rampant. Boasting a GDP growth rate of 9.6 percent and surpassing Japan as the wo…

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The Debt Offensive: Focusing on Austerity

by The United States’ national deficit exceeds $13 trillion—over $42,000 per US resident. With U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) at $14 trillion in 2009, our debt-to-GDP ratio is 93 percent and growing. Japan enjoyed 90 percent debt-to-GDP levels in 1995. Following two decades of stagnant growth, Japan now risks exceeding 190 percent. 15 years from now, America’s Debt-to-GDP ratio may double as well. While debt-to-GDP ratios are import…

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Under Pressure

by For the last three years, Europe has been on the edge. Time and time again, the collapse of the euro has seemed alarmingly close. However, European politicians have been able to muddle through, coming up with half- baked solutions to buy time. Meanwhile, the suffering endured by the people of Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal has been immense – on a scale comparable to the Great Depression. The youth has been the hardest hit; conseq…

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