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Identity Theft? An Exploration of Ukrainian National Identity in the Conflict with Russia

…al?” published last November in the Foreign Policy Journal, responds to statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine’s historical artificiality—an interpretation that Putin uses as justification for the seizure of Crimea and ongoing conflict. He writes “The fact is that the Russian state is completely artificial, while the Russian nation is completely fragmented. Both are historically contingent. They’re as real—or unreal—as any non-…

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Diplomacy on Ice

by Illustration by Kaela Chambers Antarctica is home to more than emperor penguins and a few dozen humans with science citizenship barricaded in small hermetic bases. It is also host to an estimated 200 billion barrels of hydrocarbons, alongside large quantities of gold, silver, uranium, and many other rare metals underneath a pristine ice cap still virgin of commercial exploitation. Securing a territory with such a rich underground,…

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Blocked Blocs

by As predicted,  Vladimir Putin won the March 4 Russian presidential elections with over 60 percent of the vote. What followed were the expected accusations of illegitimacy from members of the opposition. Fraud possibly occurred in the election, especially in southern provinces such as Chechnya, where over 93 percent of the vote went to Putin, a puzzling result that has become a tradition in recent Chechen elections. However, this lev…

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Air Combat over Eastern Ukraine

by   Putin  The Crimean crisis has persisted long enough for Russian troops to solidify their gains in the peninsula. The Ukrainian military, meanwhile, has mobilized its own forces—including its reservists—in response. As both sides rattle their sabers, the possibility of war becomes ever greater. The obvious question then arises: just how likely is it that Russian President Putin will […]

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Russia’s Revolving Door

…lance of this charade simply imploded. In a move that would put even Bloomberg to shame, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced he would once again seek the Russian presidency. Perhaps the most unsettling thing about his all but certain return is that it is completely unsurprising. Medvedev’s presidency at times could be regarded as substantively different than Putin’s reign. The cool-headed Medvedev appeared to be taking a less conservative app…

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The Challenges of Limited War 2.0

…t has been bombing Kurdistan for months) should face repercussions. Turkey has also set itself against Assad and Putin, both pariahs in the Western community.  Putin has rightly been condemned for his actions in Ukraine and Crimea.  His interest in defeating ISIS, however, should be treated as a gift.  Russia has a long-standing commitment to defeating Islamic extremism, and Putin appears willing to commit his military to a degree that the Americ…

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In Ukraine, Two Disparate Futures of Geopolitics

by   By all accounts, the Ukrainian Crisis should not be happening. Whether it be through the assurances given by Russia in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 to respect Ukraine’s “territorial integrity”, the clear and sharp detrimental economic effects that Russia would be (and is now) incurring, or the general idea of an age where interstate war has been consigned […]

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Dire Straits

…egic consequences of the Arctic’s navigability to their fullest extent, one must consider the return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin this May. Fully back in command, Putin can pursue the road map he initiated in the mid-2000s. Heir to the Rurik and Romanov doctrines and carried over to the present epoch by Soviet communist internationalism, the Putin model is concerned with releasing the potential of the Third Rome by creating an energy hegemony…

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Events 10/13 – 10/19

by Monday, October 13th Perspectives of Global Development 2014: Boosting Productivity to Meet the Middle Income Challenge 10:00am – 12:30pm International Affairs Building, Room 1501 Carl Dahlman is Head of the Thematic Division and Head of Global Development Research at the OECD’s Development Centre. Prior to joining the OECD in September 2013, he was an Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreig…

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The (invisible) Red Line

…East, an accomplishment never managed by Russia’s Soviet and Imperial predecessors. With America’s acquiescence, Putin has provided an alternative to dictatorial regimes the world over: ally with Russia, and we will provide you with advanced weapons (as is the case with Iran ), won’t judge your form of governance, and will stand by you in your time of need. Given Putin’s gross violation of human rights at home—and his brazenly hypocritical…

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