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Obama Strategizes to Excite his Base for November

…tion. In 2008, it was 61%-35%, a 26-point advantage for the Democrats.   These numbers must be quite alarming to Obama’s campaign, because he had benefitted from high levels of enthusiasm in 2008, and because Governor Romney is trouncing him in fundraising. Solution: excite several segments of the base by pushing initiatives that appeal directly to them – one of the myriad advantages of incumbency. Let me go through a few: President Obama’s…

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Romney-Ryan vs. Obama-Biden vs. Us

…ion of our lifetimes. The corporate media and parties are abuzz about Paul Ryan and what he means for Romney and Obama, who’s raising more money, and how the whole fate of the universe rests on November. But they all forgot one thing:Us. Neither Ryan nor Biden, neither Romney nor Obama, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats represent us, the majority of the United States. On almost every issue, the accepted “bipartisan” debate is so narrow th…

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Highway 270: Wrap-Up

…this country) will vote their pocketbooks and paychecks, as they always do—in the Old Dominion, economics may be Obama’s saving grace rather than his downfall. But it’ll be a narrow margin regardless. A Romney victory is similarly conceivable. Final verdict: Obama, barely. Colorado: Obama’s disapproval rating in Colorado is a solid 51%, which bodes pretty poorly for the commander-in-chief, although his other numbers put him in closer contention w…

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Do Obama and Romney Even Know What Foreign Policy Is?

…es, as Romney has repeatedly pointed out, are too high for this. And, debate performance none withstanding, both Obama and Romney are egregiously at fault here. In assessing both candidates’ foreign policies, the rational Republican and levelheaded Democrat must recognize some of President Obama’s successes. Intervening in Libya was good. Taking out bin Laden was very good (although boring, by now.) Sanctioning Iran, although acutely harmful to t…

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President Obama Hits the Target on Gun Control

…cks. From presidential candidates to political commentators, however, many critics have since attacked President Obama’s executive actions as “unconstitutional” and “ineffective.” Yet, these criticisms begin to appear groundless upon closer scrutiny. In fact, not only are President Obama’s executive actions legal, but they also stand to significantly reduce gun violence. Critics who claim that President Obama’s executive actions are unconstitutio…

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Inauguration Speech

…d the day-to-day, muddy politics of Washington D.C. and explain our presidents’ broad strokes and grand visions. Obama, on January 21, delivered his own bookend speech in his second inaugural address. What is obvious is that his oration was filled with valiant and age old calls for the advancement of progressivism. Like all past inaugural addresses, however, Obama’s must be looked at through the context of his presidency as a whole. Obama is a pr…

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Obama’s Politicized Commencement Speech

by Earlier this afternoon, President Barack Obama delivered a beautiful commencement speech to the graduating students of Barnard College.  Met with resounding applause and a sprinkling of appreciative laughter throughout, the charming speech followed a classic framework, as Obama drew from personal stories, shared inspiring sound bites, and imparted meaningful advice. photo by Asiya Khaki ’09 President Obama asked whether…

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President of the World

…allies overseas and I have to say I am impressed with how well Governor Romney has avoided that problem.” Barack Obama,  Alfred E. Smith Dinner, October 2012 President Obama must really wish that foreign voters were included in the Electoral College. After all, numerous polls demonstrate the wide preference gap he holds over Romney amongst foreigners. One, the much-discussed poll of 21,797 respondents conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA for the BBC world…

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A Game of Groans

…ratic Convention and a widely-circulated leaked private donor meeting video where Romney asserted that President Obama would automatically win “47%” of the popular vote because they “are dependent upon government” and “believe that they are victims”. Romney knows that the three presidential debates are probably his last opportunity to change the direction of the election, and perhaps none is as important as the first one. Likewise, Obama knows th…

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Looking Back to 2008; Looking Forward to Tomorrow

by From Wikimedia Commons, Barack Obama in Onawa, IA in 2007 To be very honest, I didn’t really care for Barack Obama when I first heard about him in 2008. He sounded like an inexperienced politician simply riding on a wave of political disenchantment, and the message of “change” and “hope” just seemed superficial to me. As the 2008 election neared, however, I started realizing that our country was really…

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