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Bubba’s Playbook

by Just under two years ago, a young Democratic president took office after leading his party to majorities in both chambers of Congress, reshaping the political landscape after a period of conservative dominance. After enduring bruising legislative battles on top priorities like comprehensive health care reform, the Democrats stand to lose both the House and the Senate, and a new generation of Republicans is waiting to deliver on a mu…

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Ready To Serve?

by Art by Dan Touff The comparisons to Pearl Harbor came naturally to most people on September 11th, 2001. Newspapers and politicians immediately pronounced this a new day destined to live in infamy, and a new day of shared sacrifice and heroism. It was likely with the imagery of that earlier day in mind—of Uncle Sam and war bonds and victory gardens and the like—that so many Americans seemed to yearn for a summons to service and nati…

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The Gap in the Sand

by from the Congressional Budget Office A threatening specter is looming over our national economy – the so-called “fiscal cliff”. The fiscal cliff, a widespread, automatic tax increase expected to hit 90% of Americans next year, will be triggered on January 2 of next year… unless Congress takes action to stop it. To avoid careening off the fiscal cliff, a different deficit reduction method will need to be passed into law. In all likel…

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Election 2012: March Madness

by Picture courtesy of Politico March, previously forecast as the month that would decide the Republican presidential nomination (read: the month that Romney would clinch it), has instead reduced the race to an excruciating slog to 1144, the number of delegates that a candidate must secure to receive the nomination. At the time of this writing, Romney leads with 484, followed by Santorum with 239, Gingrich with 136, and Paul with 69;…

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Jamie Boothe

by Jamie Boothe is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in biochemistry, with plans to attend medical school. He is the Director of Operations for the Columbia University College Republicans, and he is both a strong social and fiscal conservative. He can be reached at Not One for Talking October 16, 2012 2:05 am  This election year has seen U.S. energy policy and the debate on global warming (does it exist…

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The Elephant in the Room

…ncourage you to check out the list above, you’d be amazed (or maybe not anymore) by the pre-2012 Romney. For the GOP, John McCain’s concession speech four years ago did nothing but pass the baton to an already fully charged, sprinting Romney. He was a relatively popular governor, CEO of an extremely profitable and successful company, and son to a former GOP golden boy. The man was destined for the White House, or at least a shot at the office. Ev…

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Michael Ouimette

by Michael Ouimette is a Columbia College freshman. He can be contacted at     Get Out of the Kitchen October 17, 2012 8:45 pm  As a fiscally moderate Democrat, I hope a real primary in the Republican Party is used to properly gather attention for the general election candidacy of a “New York Republican” — a strong leader […]

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Calling on Condi

by As the race towards November edges closer, so does one of the most important decisions former governor Mitt Romney will have to make. A vice presidential pick has the ability to fire up the base, attract independent voters, appeal to certain key demographics, and complement the person at the head of the ticket. All of these objectives are essential to the presumptive Republican nominee’s effort to win the White House. But due to Sen…

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Election 2012: The Other Half

by Photo by Haraz N. Ghanbari for AP Photo Now that the Republican nomination process is coming to a close, Democrats are beginning to define their campaign by focusing on critical issues that are sensitive to most voters in order to draw a clear contrast between itself and the GOP on both the budget and women’s reproductive rights. And in some cases, the Democratic Party is combining the two issues into one. President Obama held a Wh…

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The Emergence, Disappearance, and Existence of the Muslipublican

by The population of Muslim US citizens is estimated by many sources to be at 8 million and growing. Of these 8 million, around 7% of registered Muslim Americans are Republicans, a minority that is just large enough to make an impact on politics at many levels. It has become a liberal truism that Muslim Americans would not want to vote for the party of the administration responsible for the violation of their civil liberties, but—surpr…

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