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Distilled Democracy

…it isn’t rare to see congressional approval ratings in the teens, something seems to have gone wrong.  Why would Americans elect congressional members from their own party, only to strongly disapprove of their actions within their first year in office? When stated as such, it seems obvious that the problem lies in the fact that Americans are not being presented with options they would ever freely select, but instead are constantly deciding betwe…

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Left Hanging

…urance it would give us against another recession” (take that, Democrats!)—and Vietnam—“I know people don’t like Americans to be engaged in this kind of an effort, 47 Americans have been killed in combat with the enemy.” But one’s lasting impression is of the interview’s pace, informal and measured. If the relaxed quality of such interviews was not to last, the fascination with the presidency surely was. The next day, The New York Times published…

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Obamacare’s Bitter Pill

by Illustrations by Louise McCune As Americans, there are certain ideals for which we stand, such as freedom, liberty, and justice. Instilled deep within our hearts, these values must be protected by Americans from government intrusion. The Supreme Court, protecting the liberties guaranteed in the Constitution, has ruled that religious institutions “act as critical buffers between the individual and the power of the State,&#8221…

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Election 2012: The Buffett Fool

…reatly in this anemic recovery, but it isn’t because of the wealthy. Obama’s support for the Buffett Rule leaves Americans scratching their heads and asking a simple question: “How does this help the economy?” All the Buffett Rule would do is take a lot of money out the hands of a very small number of people. The new 30 percent minimum effective tax rate would only affect the roughly 200,000 richest Americans and in the name of “fairness” rather…

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by In the Silicon Valley town of Los Gatos, California, many residents work in the headquarters of high-tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook. The town boasts a median family income of $150,000 and is known for its upscale housing developments, which even now sell for $1 million a piece on average. The town is also a hotspot for marijuana-related violence. In 2005, police officers entered a violent gunfight on a marijuana…

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(My) Impending Healthcare Crisis

by When I broke the news to my parents this past Thanksgiving that I would not be seeking conventional employment after graduating this May, I was met with a surprising reaction: “You realize that you’re not going to be covered under our health insurance policy.” For a long time, I had been constructing a plan to show my parents that my decision not to work an office job was a viable path. Their revelation threw a wrench into my strate…

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The Gap in the Sand

by from the Congressional Budget Office A threatening specter is looming over our national economy – the so-called “fiscal cliff”. The fiscal cliff, a widespread, automatic tax increase expected to hit 90% of Americans next year, will be triggered on January 2 of next year… unless Congress takes action to stop it. To avoid careening off the fiscal cliff, a different deficit reduction method will need to be passed into law. In all likel…

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Romney-Ryan vs. Obama-Biden vs. Us

…ine spells “Game Over for the Climate,” Obama continues, unconcerned. Ryan and Romney unashamedly oppress LGBTQI Americans while Obama courts LGBTQI Americans for their votes and money. But behind the rhetoric, Romney, Obama, and even Ryan have all shifted their principles when convenient for their careers. And none, not even Obama, will deliver on all the civil rights LGBTQI folks deserve unless they face urgent pressure from mass movements akin…

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What Happened to Healthcare Reform?

…ety—clearly healthcare is what is actually needed for our safety. If these politicians gave a damn about regular Americans, they would pass universal healthcare, not create wars. So why didn’t the Democrats or Republicans, who both justify their bipartisan wars as “for our safety,” pass universal healthcare? Was it that the majority of Americans were against it? No again. Polls from 1988 to 2009 show a consistent majority of Americans support sin…

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Rigging the System

by Weihui Lu The numbers alone are striking. In 2011, the World Bank estimated the gross domestic product (GDP) of the state of Ecuador at approximately $67 billion. Chevron Corporation, by contrast, reported sales of $236.3 billion for 2011, with nearly $27 billion in profits alone. In the same year, a local Ecuadorian court ruling against Chevron in an $18 billion case over the company’s widespread pollution in the Ecuadorian rainfor…

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