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"Les Français issues de l'immigration":

One year after the bloody terrorist attacks of November 2015, it is more urgent than ever for the French people and government to critically evaluate the present situation before the 2017 presidential election; otherwise that election might easily be won by a racist, anti-European, extreme-right political party.

Salafism: A New Type of Islamism

The tragic events in San Bernandino and Paris last year were indisputably deliberate acts of terrorism in which innocent, unarmed civilians were killed. Rooted in these acts was the exploitation of a zealous religious ideology, which is crucial to understand if we are to defeat the organizations and the ideology that promotes their activities.

Competitive Liberalization: a Policy to Leave in the Past

“You’re with us or against us” statements will not convince others to stand with the United States but will instead leave the United States out of other institutions like the AIIB or ASEAN. It is time that American leaders acknowledge the reality of US-China relations and, going forward, focus on collaboration rather than competition.