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It is disappointing, but broadly true, that the transgressions of FIFA will eventually recede into the background as long as soccer keeps growing in global popularity and importance. What is sure is that Blatter must not be forgotten, for he is owed his place in the history of soccer; but those looking back decades on must know that he has had it very lucky indeed.

Wasted Blood

Netanyahu threw away the opportunity to make the lives of both Israelis and Gazans better. As often happens during a war, the country in nationalistic fervor rallies behind its government, revelling in vague notions of patriotism; “Bibi” stands to gain in the upcoming January 22 election.

$300 Million at Stake for NYC Students

Join the Students for Education Reform on Thursday November 29 at 6:00pm, as we march downtown from the NYC UFT building to the steps of the NYC DOE building, demanding that a deal be reached. We are not taking sides, and we are not assigning blame. We are marching to ensure that students do not lose out on essential components of their education because of a disagreement between the adults. Help us make some noise in the name of compromise.

While Mitt Romney’s “47 percent comment” stirred up an enduring cloud of debate centered on the American notion of self-reliance and personal responsibility, the idea of responsibility in politics – what is and should be expected of our various layers of government and what are and should be the obligations of American and world citizens – has been on the stage of world events for much a longer time.

The Christian Right Angle

Christian identity ­– religiosity in its thin form – forms a crucial aspect of the European right wing that will not disappear with the resolution of immigration difficulties and instead continue to motivate the movement and inform its political orientations. But this thin Christianity also does not translate directly into policy.