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Can we really place our faith in empirical data to help combat the rampant environmental injustices that plague our city? Some say no because environmental injustices between neighborhoods are social and economic problems in which science plays no role. But other, emerging voices in the environmental justice conversation have a different perspective.


It is readily evident that an honest and sound debate cannot occur in Congress when (ultimately, at least) one of the primary effects of a bill is to inject millions of new voters into the electorate.

Changing the Cityscape

The Atlantic yards district today is not what it was twenty years ago, one hundred years ago, one thousand years ago. The question begs itself to be asked: why should it remain the same twenty years from now, one hundred years from now, one thousand years from now?

Yet, this new affair could prove highly embarrassing: if convicted (though that seems unlikely) Sarkozy risks jail. Even if he ends up being acquitted, the long judicial process will likely drag on to be an embarrassment, especially given the despicable behavior of most cadres of his party who have publicly doubted the judge’s independence.

Sir, Yes, Sir

At all cost, the Burmese military needs to maintain peace legitimately; it needs to support the civilian government, and not override it. For the alternative – renewed military crackdowns, political coups, the reversal of reforms – is possibly the grimmest yet.

Speaking Out in Quebec

The “Maple Spring” will undoubtedly survive its present nadir. The future of the movement is uncertain, but the spirit of radical democracy that was born during last year's strike may ultimately be a necessary condition for broad changes to the way higher education is distributed.