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It's Not Easy Being Green

A trained doctor, Jill says that she views running for office as “practicing political medicine” because “it’s the mother of all illnesses.” Columbia Political Review’s George Joseph talks with Stein what she would do about Wall Street and the economy, education policy, and WikiLeaks if she were one day elected president.

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The Best Solution Available

While conventional wisdom says that embracing a plan as unpopular as Ryan’s is not smart politics, Romney and Ryan might be banking on the fact that most of the negative attention the plan has received is based on the claim that the plan would hurt seniors by cutting Medicare – a claim that is utterly false.

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Mitt Romney Can't Conquer the World

Where Romney antagonized the citizens, press, and leaders of the United Kingdom, Obama delivered a speech to over 200,000 applauding Germans in Berlin. Americans watching from home marveled at Obama’s ability to draw such an enormous crowd. Obama’s ability to impress and achieve respect overseas lent credence to his ability to conduct the nation’s foreign policy in a way Romney’s trip has not.

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