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Stand By Me

Of all the amendments that need to be made to foreign policy, expunging the harmful myth of non-alignment from the vocabulary of Indian diplomacy should be the starting point for today’s visionaries. Such ambitions cannot be achieved without a more astute policy toward the world’s most powerful nation.

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Political Minutes: Politics of Change in India

The event was particularly germane and received special attention in lieu of the contentious reform measures announced by the Congress-led government over the past week, including a decision to raise the limit on foreign investment into Indian retail. The backdrop of faltering economic growth in India and stalled economic reform mandate lent an air of urgency.

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Gross Domestic Wellbeing

When India gained its independence, the southern state of Kerala promised to be nothing but a headache for the new nation. Near the bottom in almost every indicator of development—literacy, health, general wellbeing—the state was a basket case. Yet over the span of fifty years everything had turned around, and suddenly officials in the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram could boast some of the highest scores in general well-being not just in India but in the world.

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