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Slick Dealings

While Jordan continues to consolidate the Hashemite political rule over the country, and to assert its stable position amidst regional conflict, it is also necessary to consider key aspects of the economy like energy security, and to move towards a more self-sufficient electricity and fuel economy.

License to Spill

As a nation and as a world, we must start thinking about the long-term impacts of our actions, rather than the short-term economic and energy benefits. Sustainable growth today will be more profitable in the future. Rejecting Keystone XL this spring is the right choice both for the nation and for the planet.

The new wave of right-wing Republicans often tout their ideological commitment to the free market, but agriculture always seems to be the “exception” that gets a sly wink and nod. These politicians should start by leading the push to keep corn on our plates and out of our gas pumps.