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The Blindfold of Justice

Inherent to our national and cultural commitment to trial by jury is a commitment to the principle that personal liberty is such a valuable right that it is better to acquit someone who is in truth guilty than to wrongfully sentence an innocent.


It is readily evident that an honest and sound debate cannot occur in Congress when (ultimately, at least) one of the primary effects of a bill is to inject millions of new voters into the electorate.

Both sides are going to have to bend, but in this instance, the Republicans must be prepared to bend a little more. This does not mean the GOP needs to give up fiscal conservatism, but it does mean it must be willing to listen to the American people and to put nation and party before unyielding ideology.

But regardless of whether it is openly discussed or not, as long as the world’s economy runs on oil, as it seems will be the case for at least the next few decades, Middle Eastern conflicts will continue to have a disproportionate impact on the global economy.

The recent vice presidential debate between incumbent Joe Biden and challenger Paul Ryan was a fiery one to be sure, and now that a few days have passed and the outcome of the debate has been properly digested, several judgments can be made.

Since only a fraction of PBS’s funding comes from the federal government, eliminating the subsidy would not end PBS, but the network would almost certainly change as it would be forced to corporatize and long-standing classic programs might be thrown to the wayside in favor of new material.

With both the knowledge of over three decades of scientific and engineering innovation and an understanding of the failures of Chernobyl and Fukushima in hand, we can develop more nuclear power in a manner that ensures both safety and productivity... but only if we first reject fear and political doublespeak.

Does $3.83 for a gallon of regular unleaded “threaten the U.S. economy” in the way Katrina or international wars did? Absolutely not. But due to inappropriate blaming or not, does the president know that it threatens his reelection chances? You bet.

While the GOP is looking ahead to the future, the priority is still having Romney replace Obama, and so every Convention speech (even Christie’s) will be about Romney, Romney, Romney. The Republican Party will show America its patriotic and conservative spirit – spirit that not even a hurricane can dampen.