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Wasted Blood

Netanyahu threw away the opportunity to make the lives of both Israelis and Gazans better. As often happens during a war, the country in nationalistic fervor rallies behind its government, revelling in vague notions of patriotism; “Bibi” stands to gain in the upcoming January 22 election.

Barnard Finally Gives Workers Respect

As a freshman at Columbia, I was surprised to find many upperclassmen jaded to the possibility of changing anything ... To get people involved you have to give them something to which they can relate; you have to give them something to fight for. The face of a Barnard office worker is a reality people can’t ignore.

Political Minutes: Barnard Workers UAW 2110

On a dark, cold Monday evening nearly a hundred students, faculty member, and union organizers sat together at Barnard in the group’s first sign of solidarity. The struggle, pitting Barnard President Debora Spar against 130 of the lowest paid employees on campus, will determine whether these workers get to maintain basic labor rights ranging from serious cuts to healthcare and maternity leave to controversial proposals like the elimination of sexual harassment claims and child care leave.

A Seat at the Table

But being an elite is expensive. Fortunately, Spar and her Wall St. affiliated Barnard board members realized the best way to keep Barnard solvent would be to slash the health, pension, and tuition benefits of the lowest paid employees at the college-the clerical workers. And in order to empower women, Spar decided to drastically cut from the most basic female employment victories — maternity leave and flex time.

As the bishops made clear, the severe Ryan Budget contradicts the most basic premises of Catholic social teaching. The philosophy behind the draconian cuts instead comes directly from Paul Ryan’s high school sweetheart, Ayn Rand, the author of Atlas Shrugged.