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Ensuring a no-fly zone over Syria would be a good way to start empowering the rebels. Though it may be a risky gamble, with much uncertainty lying ahead, it is very courageous of Hollande to try and force the hands of his fellow heads of state and attempt to put an end to this massacre.

The growing discontent of the middle class means that this total will likely be difficult to attain: 58 percent of the population disapproves with her performance and more than 70 percent of the population now disagrees with the government’s economic policies.

A Loaded Peace

The root of the problem, therefore, lies in limited opportunities for the countries’ youth in face of the thrilling alternative of gang life and its economic incentives. Education is the true solution, and the gang’s promise not to recruit in schools, so long as it lasts, is the real victory.

Lugo failed to work hand in hand with a powerful Congress and his burdensome Liberal “allies” and managed to unite most of Paraguay’s political system against him. Though the proceedings for his impeachment were perfectly legal, they leave Paraguay’s democracy weakened, its leaders diplomatically isolated, and its poor unattended.

In the Name of Macedonia

Greece accuses the former Yugoslav province, which has been independent since 1991, of stealing its national heritage and misappropriating Hellenic heroes such as Philip and Alexander of Macedon for the purpose of tourism and national identity building. Stealing another country’s national heritage is a bad enough crime, say Greeks, but revising history is unacceptable.