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Uncle Sam Can Help

But perhaps recognizing that government has the important role of not just supporting, but rather getting everyone to the same starting point — Tocqueville’s “equality of conditions” — will dispel the notion that government is incompatible with individual effort and a thriving civil society.

The Meritocratic Ideal

Meritocracy has, to a small extent, allowed elites to emerge and consolidate their positions of power, sans the moral imperative of the generations past. Yet meritocracy certainly shouldn’t be blamed for other corrupting influences like unlimited campaign contributions.

Although we may not be sure whether what we know is absolutely right, we should in the spirit of civic-republicanism still strive to seek, critically evaluate, and express our beliefs. My generation cannot afford to ignore the political process.

Saverin to Singapore Highlights U.S. Tax Code

The problem lies instead in a tax code that is ill-equipped to combat today’s highly mobile capital caused by technological advances. Instead of being put to work through domestic reinvestment, capital is stockpiled overseas. Furthermore, tax competition both between states and globally continues to drive tax rates downwards and exacerbates the problem of insufficient revenue.