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What You Need to Know: Ukraine

What You Need to Know: Ukraine


Radically important geopolitical goals are at stake in the Ukrainian Crisis, so we thought we'd compile the best thinking on the issue to date. Firstly, Professor Timothy Snyder of the Political Science Department and Harriman Institute has written a slew of insightful exposition on this increasingly important topic for the New York Review of Books.

"Fascism, Russia, and Ukraine"     "Ukraine's New Dictatorship"    "Ukraine: Truth and Propaganda"    "Ukraine's New Dictatorship" (Jan 18)    "Putin's Denial"    "Ukraine's Way Out" 


The New York Times lends their Headline to the situation:


The Brookings Institute 

"Ukraine's Perpetual East-West Balancing Act"    "Putin's Anti-Olympic Creed"  "What is Russia Up To?  "A Tour of the Biggest Stumbling Blocks Ahead for the Ukraine"


The Carnegie Endowment's Moscow Center explores the critical region of the Crimea in the context of political transition.

"Keep the Lid on the Crimea"


The scholarly Foreign Affairs offers excellent work on the situation in Ukraine, but unfortunately access to these articles is limited by subscription. Columbia Prof. Kimberly Marten recently published a compelling piece for the latest edition, and the article "Ukraine in Context"


The Atlantic offers  "How Should the US Deal with Vladimir Putin" 

Dangerous Times for Algeria

Dangerous Times for Algeria

World Leader’s Forum:

World Leader’s Forum: