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2019 Editorial Board


ISabelle harris


Celine Bacha

Managing Editors

Hannah wyatt


benjy sachs

TEChnology & marketing Manager

Kerem TUncer 

Social media Manager

Anthony cosentino

arts editor

Antara agarwal

Podcast producers

KRisten Akey

Hannah wyatt

Senior Editors

Jake tibbetts

Christina hill


Henry feldman


Jodi lessner

akshiti vats

Copy Editors

Sonia mahajan

grace protasiewicz

aryeh hajibay

Mary zaradich

OP-ed staff writers

raya tarawneh

eric scheuch

sophia houdaigui

ayse yucesan

aja johnson

antara agarwal

pallavi sreedhar

jasleen chaggar

ramsay eyre

ellie hansen

rachel barkin

sarah desouza

feven negussie

Feature staff writers

anthony cosentino

kristen akey

kristha jenvaiyavasjamai

maria castillo

stella cavedon

devyani goel

janine nassar

diana valcarcel soler

stephanie choi

katherine malus


Join the 2015 Editorial Board

Join the 2015 Editorial Board


Columbia Political Review is now accepting applications for its 2015 editorial board! CPR is an excellent opportunity to explore a wide variety of interests in both international and domestic politics, and provides a platform for Columbia undergraduates to talk seriously about political issues. To learn more about CPR visit our website,

If you are interested in applying to the editorial side of CPR, the application can be found at and is due by Monday, November 10, 2014.

If you are interested in the publishing side of CPR, the application can be found at and is due by Friday, November 7, 2014.

All applications will be considered; you do not need to have any previous involvement with CPR in order to apply. I encourage anyone interested in journalism, writing, art, design, or politics to submit an application.

Singapore: Stuck in its Colonial Past

Singapore: Stuck in its Colonial Past

Jockeying for Position

Jockeying for Position