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Get Involved


Fall 2014 Magazine Pitches

Columbia Political Review is accepting pitches for our Fall 2014 issue!

Any undergraduate student at the university is welcome to submit a proposal for an article, and we encourage everyone, no matter their backgrounds in writing or politics, to submit a pitch if they feel passionately about a topic. You may submit multiple pitches. We look forward to seeing your ideas! Deadline: Sunday, September 14th, midnight.

Pitches are also welcome, and encouraged, from undergrads studying abroad!

If you are interested in contributing artwork to the issue, please contact Shua Bhattacharya at

Please e-mail all materials to

Your pitch should include the following information:

1. Name, School, Year, Phone Number, Email

2. State your argument, and take one brief paragraph to expand upon it, sharing with us how you will support it.

3. What makes your topic engaging? What new perspective or information are you bringing to CPR’s readers?

2014-15 Web Columnist and Writer Applications

CPR accepts applications for weekly or biweekly web columnists, as well as for "staff writers" interested in covering political happenings on campus and around New York City—on a rolling basis. Please contact web editor Stewart Shoemaker at for details on how to apply.

*Updated* Events: 9/16 - 9/21

*Updated* Events: 9/16 - 9/21

In Defense of AIPAC

In Defense of AIPAC