The Columbia Political Review is a student run non-partisan publication. The views represented here belong to their author and are not representative of the publication's political views or sympathies

2017 Editorial Board


Anamaria lopez


Design editor

Theresa yang 

Marketing Director

Huhe yaN

arts editors

michelle huang

charly voelkel

lead web editor

poorvi bellur

Managing Editors

amanda kam

dimitrius keeler

shambhavi Tiwari 

karen yuan

Copy Chief

Maggie Toner

Senior Editors

vivian casillas

audrey deGuerrera

brian gao

belle harris

melissa ho

jahan nanji

sheena qiao

bani sapra

nina zweig

Copy Editors

sahana narayanan

song rhee

An Editor's Note

An Editor's Note


The Editorial Team of The Columbia Political Review would like to reaffirm a critical point that can be easily forgotten in the consideration of a topic as emotionally-charged as politics: as a multi-partisan publication, we do not endorse the particular viewpoints expressed by the authors we publish.

At CPR, we aim to promote and cultivate lively, enriching discussions of salient political issues, and we believe the most productive way of doing so is to publish the work of students of all political stripes.

If you would like to contribute to one of the ongoing or future discussions, our Web Editor, Stewart Shoemaker, always welcomes submissions. He can be reached at

The Crisis in Gaza

The Crisis in Gaza

On the Conflict in Gaza

On the Conflict in Gaza