The Columbia Political Review is a student run non-partisan publication. The views represented here belong to their author and are not representative of the publication's political views or sympathies.

2019 Editorial Board


ISabelle harris


Celine Bacha

Managing Editors

Hannah wyatt


benjy sachs

TEChnology & marketing Manager

Kerem TUncer 

Social media Manager

Anthony cosentino

arts editor

Antara agarwal

Podcast producers

KRisten Akey

Hannah wyatt

Senior Editors

Jake tibbetts

Christina hill


Henry feldman


Jodi lessner

akshiti vats

Copy Editors

Sonia mahajan

grace protasiewicz

aryeh hajibay

Mary zaradich

OP-ed staff writers

raya tarawneh

eric scheuch

sophia houdaigui

ayse yucesan

aja johnson

antara agarwal

pallavi sreedhar

jasleen chaggar

ramsay eyre

ellie hansen

rachel barkin

sarah desouza

feven negussie

Feature staff writers

anthony cosentino

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kristha jenvaiyavasjamai

maria castillo

stella cavedon

devyani goel

janine nassar

diana valcarcel soler

stephanie choi

katherine malus


An Editor's Note

An Editor's Note


The Editorial Team of The Columbia Political Review would like to reaffirm a critical point that can be easily forgotten in the consideration of a topic as emotionally-charged as politics: as a multi-partisan publication, we do not endorse the particular viewpoints expressed by the authors we publish.

At CPR, we aim to promote and cultivate lively, enriching discussions of salient political issues, and we believe the most productive way of doing so is to publish the work of students of all political stripes.

If you would like to contribute to one of the ongoing or future discussions, our Web Editor, Stewart Shoemaker, always welcomes submissions. He can be reached at

The Crisis in Gaza

The Crisis in Gaza

On the Conflict in Gaza

On the Conflict in Gaza