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Welcome to CPR 2014!

Welcome to CPR 2014!


Welcome to the newly renovated website of The Columbia Political Review! As the multi-partisan magazine of the Columbia Political Union, CPR fosters a lively and robust on-campus political discourse by publishing, in quarterly magazine form, the insights and opinions of Columbia students. With the installation of our new website—an online outlet for the diverse views of our infamously political student body—we seek to further stoke the flames of campus political debate.

CPR's new venture into the digital realm will be led by a team of talented columnists whose work, published daily, will analyze a diverse range of salient political topics. From South Asian diplomacy to Student Council proceedings, CPR aims to open up an extensive set of issues to political discussion, and our aims will be truly collaborative: we invite students of all political ideologies, orientations, or affiliations to submit work to at any time.

To get a flavor of our new project, read Ben Rimland's argument for punishing Edward Snowden, or Aman Navani's take on Bangladeshi democracy. As you read, join in the debate by offering your thoughts in the comments section, or by sharing the link on Facebook or Twitter.


The Bigger Picture in Brazil

The Bigger Picture in Brazil

Snowden's Folly

Snowden's Folly