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2017 Editorial Board


Anamaria lopez


BAni Sapra

Design editor

Theresa yang 

Marketing Director

Dimitrius Keeler

arts editor

charly voelkel

lead web editor

poorvi bellur

Managing Editors

amanda kam

shambhavi Tiwari 

karen yuan

Copy Chief

Maggie Toner

Senior Editors

vivian casillas

audrey deGuerrera

brian gao

belle harris

melissa ho

jahan nanji

sheena qiao

nina zweig

Copy Editor

song rhee

Editor's Note, Winter 2013

You hold in your hands my final issue of the Columbia Political Review. I joined the Review my sophomore year as a senior editor and have had the good fortune to work with some of the most intelligent and hardworking people at Columbia. I would like to first thank our past two editors-in-chief, Narayan Subramanian (SEAS ‘13) and Constance Boozer (CC ‘13). Nar and Stance continually set an incredibly high standard of quality in everything they do, and I have tried my best to emulate them both. I would also like to thank our past web editor, Christopher Brennan (CC ’13). Chris showed us all the possibilities of the online world and was the brain behind CPR’s outstanding website. I would also like to thank our past managing editor, Tom Caruso (CC ’13), who taught me how to love Taylor Swift and get through production week with good humor.

I owe all of the Review’s successes to our current managing team. Taylor “The Enforcer” Thompson (CC ’14) has been politely entertaining my liberal nonsense for the past year, for which I am eternally grateful. Greg “Our Next Editor-in-Chief” Barber (CC ’15) looks amazing in plaid, and I hope I have instilled into him my love of delegation.

We owe our livelihood to Malini Nambiar (CC ’15), who kept our archaic print magazine financially afloat while others floundered (looking at you, Newsweek).

The Columbia Political Review would not exist if it were not for our amazing design and arts team. Alejandra Oliva (CC ’15), David Blackman (CC ’15), and Shua Bhattacharya (CC’16) are the most patient people I know and are the reason that the Review is the sexiest thing on Morningside.

A ton of gratitude goes to our senior editors, James Boothe, Monica Carty, Julian NoiseCat, Josh Fattal, David Silberthau, Lucas Rehaut, and Tommaso Verderame. I’d also like to thank our staffers, Sofi Sinozich, Anaïs Carell, and Eliot Sackler. I’m sorry I’m so bad at responding to your emails.

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Red Hot Chile-crats