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The December 2012 Issue Has Arrived

The December 2012 Issue Has Arrived


Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 9.58.50 PM

The December 2012 issue has arrived!

Make sure to read the seven new articles and a CPR briefing on potential immigration reform.


CoverBribe and Punishment Legal Strides and Policy Development in Brazil by Bruno Mendes

Gimme, Gimme More Shedding Light on African Grab Deals by Sarina Bhandari

Sanctioning Progress The Consequences of Misguided International Pressure on Iran by Joshua Fattal

Egypt’s Party Scene With an Eye to the Future, A Push for Pluralism by Nadine Mansour



Over Defense Taking Another Look at American Counterterrorism Spending by Toby Pegors

Rigging the System Why Multinational Oil Companies Keep Getting Away With It by Lucas Rehaut


Briefing: Immigration Crossing the Border for Immigration Reform 

Editor’s Note: December 2012 by


The CPR website will also be less active during the winter break.

Happy Holidays and keep reading in the new year!

Both Right and Wrong

Both Right and Wrong

Editor's Note: December 2012