Political Minutes: Students for Justice in Palestine, LionPAC face on Low Steps


Columbians from Students for Justice in Palestine and LionPAC organized competing demonstrations Tuesday afternoon in support of the warring sides in the continuing conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas.

SJP, who was also on the Steps yesterday protesting Israel's airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, held signs in both Arabic and English with Pro-Palestinian slogans. Around twenty members chanted slogans like "5,6,7,8, Israel is an apartheid state."

LionPAC organized the counter-demonstration after SJP took to the Steps and held Israeli flags and anti-Hamas signs such as "Free Gaza from Hamas."Around thirty members of LionPAC and the pro-Israel community stood on the Sundial, though no slogans were shouted.

There was no interaction between the groups, who occupied different portions of Columbia's main drag and faced each other across groups of interested students and tourists.

Both groups have also been using aggressive flyer campaigns around campus bulletin boards and passing out literature.

SJP plans to continue protesting on Wednesday. Check back for statements from SJP and LionPAC.