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CPRoundup: Debate's Top Ten Tweets

CPRoundup: Debate's Top Ten Tweets

CPR Editor Note: Columbia Political Review watched the second presidential debate with members of the Columbia Political Union, Columbia University Democrats, and Columbia University College Republicans. The town hall format produced clash, sound bites, and a whole lot of Internet commentary. Here are the tweets that tell the tale. 

It Begins

CPReview ‏@CPReviewOnline

Supposedly no outbursts will be allowed – we'll be sitting and watching how that turns out #HofDebate


An Energetic Exchange on Energy

CPReview ‏@CPReviewOnline

Romney and Obama now facing each other – start playing Western shootout music now #HofDebate


Two Things are Certain, One of Them is Taxes

CPReview ‏@CPReviewOnline

Romney and Obama now talking taxes – whoever says "middle class" the most wins #HofDebate

CPReview ‏@CPReviewOnline

Obama now attacking Romney for sketchy plans and Big Bird – are we going to hear a remark about the 47% comment tonight?#HofDebate

@cpreviewonline saving it for the closing argument. should be last punch.



Romney passively aggressively tapping his foot as Obama criticizes the Libya press release #HofDebate

"Please proceed governor" - loudest response from the audience so far #HofDebate

(Romney then mistakenly says that Obama didn't mention terror after Benghazi attack.)


Bringing Out the Guns ... and Every Other Topic

Romney's gun control policy – the two parent family or really swell single mothers/fathers #HofDebate

Obama pivots to education speech out of the blue – and Candy tries to cut him off... twice #HofDebate


Expected Ending

@JohnbKenney Fame and glory on Twitter (?) Punch not as effective after Romney's comment that he cares about 100% of Americans


Please tweet at us, @CPReviewOnline and tell us your thoughts on the debate. Who won? Who lost? Who's soundbites can best fit into 140 characters.

David and Goliath

The State of the (European) Union