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An Impoverished Debate

…red 17 years ago in the form of the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act (PRWOA), also known as welfare reform. Although PRWOA may not necessarily be a failed poverty alleviation tactic in itself, a brief historical analysis reveals that it was both the effect and consequence of a period in history where the debate on poverty was considered decisively closed, sowing the seeds for future apathy on the topic. Welfare reform, signed…

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Capitol Farce

by Lisa Adams was not a welfare queen. When she walked into the office of Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), a San Francisco-based non-profit that offers welfare-to-work training, she was just a black mother of three trying to get her life in order. Adams, who is currently employed as a receptionist at a San Francisco law firm, is one of welfare reform’s success stories—a former recipient who went through the welfare-to-work syste…

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Of Anchor Babies and Welfare Queens

…y addressed in the “anchor babies” discussion, but in a negative light that recalls the sensational reporting on welfare fraud that began during the early 1960s. This concept of a welfare queen was introduced then to refer to a mother who collected welfare payments through fraud or manipulation. The catchphrase ran: “welfare queens driving in welfare Cadillacs.” Franklin Gilliam, the author of a famous study titled “The ‘Welfare Queen’ Experiment…

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Bubba’s Playbook

…ill have to pay in his second term. Just as Bill Clinton did the unthinkable and compromised with Republicans on welfare reform, Barack Obama will likely have to settle for cuts in discretionary spending and retain the Bush tax cuts for all income brackets, at least until the economy has recovered. The key for the President is to counterpunch the Republicans effectively. If he can co-opt parts of their agenda in the same vein as Clinton’s welfare

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More Money, More Problems

by Illustration by Louise McCune Consider the flying toilet. The term comes from the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Within the slum, there is often less than one latrine per 50 shacks, with each 12-foot by 12-foot shack containing, on average, eight people. Kibera sits on government land that never fully transferred legally to its pre-independence residents, and, as such, the government treats residents as squatters with no right or e…

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*Events* March 10th-14th

…olumbia University Morningside Campus Faculty House Professor Palier will discuss national growth strategies and welfare state reforms. European countries have followed very different economic and welfare state strategies over the past years. The relationship between these strategies has vast implications for the level and type of growth achieved, the power of labor and capital, and the degree of social investment and solidarity. Professor Palier…

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A War on Women

…ld inevitably result in a rise of unwanted pregnancies, and subsequently, compel the government to spend more on welfare programs in the long run. About 65 percent of patients who use the services available at Planned Parenthood clinics are considered to be of a low-income background. Welfare spending currently makes up 29 percent of federal spending, and major areas of welfare programs such as unemployment, housing, and family and children would…

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…ssociated voting rights means that the issue cannot be fairly considered from the proper angles of improving the welfare of illegal immigrants and the welfare of the nation as a whole; instead, both parties are tempted by (and by all measures seem to be indulging in) a perverse incentive to pass comprehensive immigration reform in order to get more votes. If, perhaps, illegal immigrants could be offered a general path to permanent residency (i.e….

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First Nations, Last Hope

by The First Nations of British Columbia stand at a crossroads, confronted with a Faustian bargain. Should they sacrifice their identity and principles in return for land and monetary settlements? Should they accept current recompense for past injustice while relinquishing the legal distinctions that have offered some (albeit meager) resources for their survival? Too often perceived as welfare-consuming dependents on a payroll subsidiz…

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Ace Forum: Healthcare II

by This is the second in a four-part series on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Much has been said about the current debate over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), especially with respect to its fiscal responsibility and constitutionality. However, both of these topics skim over a fairly fundamental aspect of the new law: What, in fact, would it do? And is it a normative “good” overall? If we assume…

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