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Didactic Deceit

…pulses (both explicitly present in Columbia’s report). On the presumptuous and self-congratulatory end, American universities ostensibly believe in their ability to change the world by enlightening the benighted children of dictatorial and underdeveloped nations. On the domestic sales call, universities would have Americans believe that the rise in internationals adds some intangible benefit to the classroom that will give students an edge and a…

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Israel/Palestine Debates

…ached at   In December 2013, the American Studies Association (ASA) voted to boycott Israeli universities and academic institutions through a resolution that attracted 1,252 participants—the largest in organization history—and passed with over 66 percent endorsement. Sticking to his guns, Columbia University President Lee C. Bollinger joined many other American universities in condemning the ASA boycott on the grounds that it…

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Oiled Up and Ready To Go

…hould not be used as political tools, but as resources for the sole purposes of education and research. However, universities are already political actors: They drive policy decisions and hold a great amount of influence in the most powerful circles of society. Furthermore, as many have already recognized, universities give their tacit approval of industries by investing in them, which is precisely why many institutions withdrew their financial s…

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The Chile Winter

…r Latin American neighbors. But in reality, education in Chile is flawed and disturbingly unequal. While Chilean universities legally may not be run for profit, private university authorities successfully utilize loopholes to accrue windfall profits. Many private universities take advantage of lax standards monitoring to cut costs and set salaries too low to attract effective teachers. Public schools, meanwhile, have been largely abandoned; publi…

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Bribe and Punishment

…o been advancements in the area of affirmative action. The STF ruled in April of this year that racial quotas in universities are constitutionally valid. In August, President Rousseff sanctioned a law that reserves 50 percent of all spots in federal universities to public high school students, who are often at a disadvantage when competing against wealthier private school students in taking standardized tests for admissions to the country’s best…

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Classroots Activism

by Brian Jones has a lot to be excited about. A New York City public school teacher deeply involved in grassroots organizing, he sees a growing radical vision among his fellow activists. “More and more parents and teachers are beginning to understand that it’s not about this policy or that, but really an all-out war over public education,” he explains. In the past several years, there have been numerous flare-ups of protest activity…

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Interview: #Yosoy132 Organizer Valeria Hamel

by Editor’s Note: CPR’s Andrea S. Viejo had the opportunity to converse with Valeria Hamel, one of the spokespeople of the #YoSoy132 student movement in Mexico advocating for freedom of the press. She gave us insight into the upbringing of this movement and what it was like to organize the first independent student run presidential debate in the history of Mexico ahead of the July 1 election. Valeria is a 22-year-old law student…

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Five Lessons in Cultural Studies

…o miss the point if one doesn’t understand the profound psychological affects they have had on a society. Still, universities have only recently begun to formally adapt cultural studies to existing programs, and only a small handful of universities have freestanding cultural studies programs. Cultural studies wander in and out of disciplines, borrowing techniques from fields ranging from sociology and cultural anthropology to philosophy, communic…

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Political Minutes: Affirmative Action On And Off Campus

…issues of affirmative action to the current state of higher education and to Columbia. “Institutions, especially universities, are beset by inertia,” said Foner.  Foner continued to say that universities remain largely the same without active efforts like the faculty diversity initiative. Shaw later followed up Foner’s statement in saying that black students at institutions such as Columbia are often the children of African and West Indian immigr…

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Sinking the Internship

by Eve Goldenberg, CC’17, a native New Yorker, came to Columbia with the dream of becoming a screenwriter. In her first semester, she enrolled in a formal acting class and, once a week, took the subway downtown to continue her study of improv theater. By the spring of her freshman year, however, Goldenberg felt far away from her dream. She’d started interning at a media and entertainment startup in Midtown in the hopes of “boosting [he…

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