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Over Defense

…little to combat it. Both of these experts rely on their analysis of current global events and overall trends in terrorist activities. The problem, however, is that terrorist threats are organic in nature and extremely unpredictable. If the threat were calculable in the same way as a dice roll, we could simply determine an appropriate risk management level and adjust our counterterrorism efforts accordingly. However, in the randomness and chaos o…

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Constant Vigilance

by One of the most difficult elements of coping with terrorist attacks is managing the emotions that it elicits from victims. It is a simple enough argument to state that another terrorist attack on U.S. soil would be unbearable to the American people, but such an attack is inevitable-if not from abroad, then from the new crop of “home-grown” extremists materializing everywhere from Portland, Oregon, to Fort Hood, Texas. Th…

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ISIS and Islamophobia

by “Ben Affleck” by Gage Skidmore [CC-BY-SA-2.0]“Bill Maher” by Angela George [CC-BY-3.0]Sam Harris [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 On HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Sam Harris and Ben Affleck clashed in a heated debate over ‘Islamophobia’ and criticism of Islam. The core of Harris’s argument was that “we have to be able to criticize bad ideas” and that criticizing Isl…

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A Dishonorable Opponent

by Typical rockets used by Hamas I commend my colleagues Mr. Silberthau and Mr. Fattal on their civil discourse concerning the recent abductions and murders that dramatically raised tensions between Israel and the Palestinians. However, with the initiation of an air strike campaign in the Gaza Strip by Israel and an intensification of rocket fire from Hamas, the focus of this debate is now squarely upon Gaza. Hamas, while democratical…

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The Many-Faced Jihad

…low the international players to then assess the level of threat these groups might play to security concerns. A terrorist attack in North Africa is one thing. A terrorist attack on American soil is a phenomenon of undeniably elevated significance, both for the United States, and for the extremist group behind it. To believe that a heavy-handed approach can preempt the growth of these organizations is both shortsighted and subversive. The “whack-…

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Missing Pages

…dissident,” a description that may lead some to believe that he was simply a political exile rather than a terrorist. Boorstin does a better job of addressing the terrorist threat prior to 9/11, listing attacks like the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. Despite the inclusion of these events, 9/11 still gets short shrift, with two brief paragraphs of the major incidents of that day: a description of the three planes crashing into th…

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Pakistan’s Identity Crisis

…an Pakistan or TTP), the embattled prime minister must now accept the harsh reality that his mission against the terrorist group has largely been a lone and unsuccessful one. Despite his best efforts, Sharif currently faces a resurgent Pakistani Taliban that has launched terrorist strikes at an alarming rate of efficiency, slowly but surely inching towards their stated goal of converting the country into a rigid Islamic state governed by Sharia l…

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An Optimistic Examination of East African Terrorism

…expected to destroy Al-Shabaab through kinetic operations alone. A RAND study has found that, historically, most terrorist groups are destroyed when they join the political process, or when local police and intelligence agencies arrest or kill key members. In fact, according to the authors, military force itself has rarely succeeded in ending terrorist networks.1 However, both the US and AMISOM operations are still valuable, in my opinion, as the…

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The Crisis in Gaza

…ical, military, and moral backbone to refuse to negotiate with a government that by its own admission includes a terrorist organization. This is not a Bushian case of “you are either with us or you are with the terrorists”, it is a case of “you are, by your own stated choice, unambiguously with the terrorists”. As such, Israel should wait for one of two things to happen before entering any formal negotiations with the Palestinians: either the uni…

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Never Too Soon

…changed nothing. The Abbottabad Seal Team raid resulted in, among other things, a leadership change for a major terrorist organization, soured relations between the US and Pakistan, and a symbolic victory for the United States and Barack Obama over its terrorist enemies. As far as I am aware, the loss of blood flow to Margaret Thatcher’s brain cells has had no such political ramifications. Politically, whether or not she is still alive in 2013 i…

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