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Constant Vigilance

…war, with 300 million to 400 million dead from the start. If a lens of relativity is applied to the present when terrorism is the greatest threat to national security, then it may appear that America is building up the fear of terrorism far higher than it deserves. The U.S. has proven, time and again, that it is capable of rebounding, and after the dust clears, the greatest threat to the stability of U.S. power, U.S. government, and the livelihoo…

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The Pacifist’s Revolt

…ches of Islam, which may spur a new wave of domestic anti-terrorism policy in Pakistan. While we often associate terrorism with violent attacks by Islamic extremists on Western states, predominantly Muslim states in the Middle East are just as vulnerable—terrorists often consider different Islamic sects to be just as foreign and heretical as the religions of the Western world. Recently, Sufi Muslims have become some of the hardest-hit victims of…

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ISIS and Islamophobia

…s and differences between countries that share the same religion, it is ultimately insignificant when discussing terrorism. Religion has very little to do with the roots of terrorism, ISIS, or the Taliban. It is, however, an incredibly effective recruiting tool and means of propaganda, particularly in the Greater Middle East. Where it lacks, however, is sowing the seeds for terrorism in an otherwise healthy community. There must already be widesp…

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A Question of Vision

…age) didn’t even come close. The Election Day exit polls revealed that 71 percent of Americans are worried about terrorism—only 46 percent of them picked Kerry—and a plurality pointed to either Iraq or terrorism as the driving reason for their vote. Obviously, as Kerry supporters found out on November 3, polls have only a limited predictive value. They merely confirm what everyone already knows; or, more precisely, should’ve known. In this case,…

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An Optimistic Examination of East African Terrorism

by Smoke rises above the Westgate mall during Al-Shabaab’s attack (photo credit: Late last September, the world’s collective attention was drawn to the East African nation of Kenya, where a group of Islamist terrorists—members of Al-Qaeda’s Somalian affiliate, Al-Shabaab—had launched a deadly campaign of violence in Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall. Despite having killed over 70 innocent civilian…

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Chiquita Massacre

…fferent terms than those who made it possible for the paramilitaries to cause just as much harm? The notion that terrorism is a problem only when it affects American interests is dangerous: it suggests to the world that terrorism is only an American problem and it makes countries more reluctant to cooperate with the US. History has led many non-Americans living abroad to view the US government and US corporations as two sides of the same coin. Ev…

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Over Defense

by by Mikhaill Klimentov Four months prior to the September 11 attacks, Harvard University Professor Richard Falkenrath published an article in the Journal of Studies in Conflict & Terrorism that argued for a drastic reduction of government spending on counterterrorism. He suggested that there was little evidence of any real threat to Americans’ safety and that spending on counterterrorism was a waste of resources that could be be…

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Political Minutes: Indian Ambassador to the United Nations

…e goals of the CTC, Puri then provided his own personal commentary on what must be done in the future to counter terrorism. The goal of this committee, which many in the audience lauded, was to have terrorism condemned by not just a single committee, but by the world. According to Puri, the CTC is a step closer to that goal. “There will always be people committing terror,” said Puri. “But we have to make sure these people do not have a safe haven…

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Books in Brief, May 2007

…e Terror Network By Loretta Napoloeni Several years after September 11, finding new and interesting angles on terrorism is no easy task. But by focusing on the economics of scare tactics, Loretta Napoleoni’s Terror Incorporated adds another dimension to our understanding. Terror Incorporated is largely uninterested in cultural differences and ideological foundations of terrorism, and Napoleoni never veers from her methodical examination of the…

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Indonesia’s Tepid Response to ISIS

by President Obama with Indonesian President Yudhoyono “Indonesia is not an Islamic state,” the nation’s president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono told The Australian in August. “We respect all religions.” This resounding statement was made just a day after video surfaced of journalist James Foley’s beheading at the hands of an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant. President Yudhoyono denounced this and other ISIS acts as “shocki…

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