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More Money, More Problems

…eral cesspools of disease and degradation, and symbols of the stories of utter hopelessness that often come from slums. Slums provide some of the most genuinely heart-wrenching stories in the world. As viewers, we ask ourselves how any place could possibly be so terrible, and then gladly provide – from time to time – a dollar or two for a relief and development project in the slums. But the slums never get better, and we often learn that our aid…

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Environmental Migrants

by Endless crowds of the desperately poor have long been a common sight in the sweltering South Asian metropolis of Dhaka, Bangladesh. But the forces pushing migrants into the city are not what they once were. Today, the shantytowns of Dhaka overflow with rural farmers fleeing a countryside devastated alternating Biblical floods and fierce droughts. The city is seen by these desperate migrants as a gem of opportunity. They find instead…

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Left High and Dry

…underbelly, which tells an entirely different story: exploitation of the water and electricity supply of nearby slums. The fair is nestled between Kibera to the east and Jamhuri to the west, which are considered some of the world’s worst urban slums.  These blighted neighborhoods also unwillingly provide much of the energy and water supply the fair requires to run every year. In Kibera, wires are illegally rerouted, and water is pumped from the…

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Getting Trashed in Nairobi

by If you are a piece of trash in a wealthy area of Nairobi, you and your plastic bottle counterparts are most likely to be reused in your own home. If you are one of the thousands pieces of trash among the mud and tin shacks of a slum, you are most likely to be tossed in a heap onto the side of the road to be burned. Yet, if you are an average water bottle, your life will certainly last much longer than your slum counterparts. All tra…

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Lessons from Brazil

by   It wasn’t long after I started learning Portuguese in the fall of 2013 that I first spoke with my parents about my intention to spend some time in Brazil. I could tell that my mom was a bit nervous about my going, despite her knowledge that an essentially free trip sponsored by a Foreign Language and Area Studies […]

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Points for Participation

by Illustration by Justin Walker The Obama campaign’s direct and wide-scale efforts to mobilize the public in 2008 resulted in voter turnout rates unheard of since the 1960s. However, a report released by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate at American University predicts that there will be a drop in voter turnout for the 2012 elections due to political disenchantment among young voters. As the report summarizes, “Obam…

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Chiquita Massacre

by “After his shout something happened that did not bring on fright but a kind of hallucination. The captain gave the order to fire and fourteen machine guns answered at once… When Jose Arcadio came to he was lying face up in the darkness… Several hours must have passed since the massacre because the corpses had the same temperature as plaster in autumn…and those who had put them in the car had had time to pile them like bananas……

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That Sinking Feeling

by Illustration by Amalia Rinehart While public concern about global warming has waned in recent years, ever-more scientific evidence shows that climate change is a grave and growing nightmare. Among problematic signs are the melting of glaciers and polar ice caps at an increasing rate, and the corresponding rise in sea levels.  While perhaps a distant concern both geographically and temporally for much of the world’s population, risi…

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United States of Kibera

by In Kibera, one of the most notorious slums in the world both for its extreme poverty and danger, there is a group of artists who are inspiring tangible change within the community. Based out of Katwo Kera, one of the 14 informal neighborhoods in Kibera, is Jah-Army. While the group started in 2005 with two members, today there are about 15. Each member specializes in a type of art including basket weaving, beadwork, graffiti, film,…

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