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Rigging the System

…h objections would be valid, were it not for the fact that Chevron is not a state. Rather, it is a multinational oil corporation and acts in a fundamentally different way. Insofar as today’s multinational oil corporations play a key role in shaping American energy policy both at home and abroad, it is important to take their distinct characteristics into account when analyzing and attempting to regulate their behavior, rather than risk oversimpli…

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License to Spill

…, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, before ending in Texas. It would transport 830,000 barrels of diluted or crude oil per day to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico. The oil in the pipeline would be extracted from the Alberta tar sands in northern Canada, which contain a vast quantity of bitumen, a solid state of petroleum, mixed with water, sand, and clay. Tar sands oil (diluted bitumen) is known as an unconventional fossil fuel because of its parti…

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Very Big Oil

…National entries into international commerce have always made for risky business. For over a century, foreign oil companies and nations have fostered the growth of joint-ventures in which foreign investors and the government of an oil rich nation would go in league together in order to maximize profits for both parties. The nature of this relationship was simple—traditional multinationals would provide the technology and capital necessary to s…

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Drill, Baby, Drill: Use American Energy Now, Not Never

by Bad news for Big Oil is thrilling for consumers – oil prices are plummeting amid economic uncertainty in Europe and the United States. Oil is now selling below $80 a barrel, and gas prices are coming down as well, which will surely be helpful to many a summer vacationer. The recent increase in domestic oil production, actually at the highest level ever, also contributes to the falling prices; the increased production is due to Bush…

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Petrol Patronage

…ural gas-exporting country. Another key player in the Moscow-Tehran relationship is Igor Sechin, head of Russian oil major Rosneft, currently Russia’s largest producer of oil. Sechin has earned the unofficial title of Russian “energy tsar” for his dominating role in the industry: In addition to his position as the CEO of Rosneft, he serves on the boards of energy holding company Inter RAO, hydro-electric company RusHydro, and the United Shipbuild…

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Diplomacy on Ice

…e price could to rise to $200 or $300 in the event of a global crisis or conflict in the 2010 decade. Therefore, oil prices tend to be high enough to fuel an interest in Antarctic oil, as production costs have decreased with great improvements in offshore drilling technologies. Furthermore, the price of oil will keep decreasing as offshore drilling technology improves. Still, some analysts argue that, no matter the ecological costs, the exploitat…

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Ever the Emir

…as any explicit discussion of the resource that defines the importance of the Middle East in the global economy: oil. Much of the national discussion over oil in the past year or so has centered on domestic, offshore, and Canadian production. The boom in domestic oil production is of particular interest to politicians and has global economic ramifications; the US is projected to spar for the title of world’s largest oil producer in the coming yea…

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Petrobras and the Brazilian Presidential Election

…dential debate between Marina Silva, Dilma Rousseff, and Aecio Neves, there was a discussion about the future of oil in Brazil, specifically in regard to continued deep sea drilling. Rousseff, the current president, claimed to see this type of drilling as crucial to the continued support of public services in Brazil, while Marina Silva, a former environmental minister, took issue with this development and questioned its future in Brazilian oil ex…

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The North Dakota Way

…r John Hoeven. What is driving Fargo’s, and the state of North Dakota’s, rapidly improving economic prospects is oil. And lots of it. North Dakota’s oil reserves are concentrated in the northwest of the state, in the Bakken shale rock formation, and are currently estimated to contain up to 24 billion barrels of oil. If current estimates hold true, the Bakken field will produce about one million barrels of oil a day, a distinction shared with only…

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Pumping Pain

…creased tensions in the Middle East (you’d think the market would be used to it by now…), a massive explosion at oil giant Venezuela’s largest refinery, a severe fire at a Chevron refinery in California, and Hurricane Isaac, which has briefly frozen almost all oil production in the Gulf of Mexico. High gas prices always hurt middle-income Americans, but they are especially painful in a time when so many people plan to be out on the road. Hoping t…

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