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Burning Up and Burning Down – Tracing the Flames of Ethnic Conflict in Côte d’Ivoire and Burundi

…h Kalyvas defines as mutually beneficial links between local and supralocal levels. For Burundi’s civil war, the mobilization process of the one of the largest rebel organizations, the CNN-FDD, consisted of a local “mobilization officer” who collaborated with an “intelligence network” that not only included mobilization officers from other communities, but national coordinators. While local leaders promoted their local agendas by receiving “exter…

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“It Was The State”

…orian and correspondent for Nexos magazine, describes Guerrero’s history as a series of violent cycles of social mobilization, repression by the part of the state, and creation of vigilante groups. The longstanding tradition of social mobilization is represented by the local teachers’ college, the Escuela Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos, whose alumni include many famous guerrilla leaders, and which has maintained strong Marxist roots. The school…

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Sanctioning Progress

…ork can also offer protest movements an internationally legitimate model to construct transnational networks for mobilization. Even partial compliance expands opportunities for domestic mobilization and increases the likelihood that the regime will be persuaded to reform. It is evidently time for a new Helsinki process today. The international community should use Iran’s current weakened, surrounded position and offer it a way out. By ceasing to…

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Arab Springs To No Avail

by Illustration by Amalia Rinehart Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine By Candace Lukasik: Among the Arab revolutions of the last year, there is one struggle for justice that has endured since 1948: The occupation of Palestine. The Arab Spring offers new hope for a shift in the Palestinian condition of dispossession, discrimination, and death. The Arab revolutions grew out of a sustained hope for freedom. Grassroots mass mobili…

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Election Rejection: The Bihar Elections as a Referendum on Modi

by The Bihar elections provide a stark reminder of our own ignorance of the Indian electorate. The election of Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister, an Indian state’s chief executive position, for a third term took all of India by storm because it defied all predictions by pollsters and analysts, right up to counting day. Unpacking the people’s mandate in India’s third most populous state has important implications for the fragile balance of…

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Removing the Stink

by It was a busy night at Mezyan, a new pub on Hamra Street in downtown Beirut on a Friday this past August. It had recently gained a reputation among locals for being a hangout spot for Syrian activists currently in exile. A friend of mine involved in student government at the American University of Beirut was waiting for me, eager to discuss the changes that were taking place in the country. Beirut was embroiled in a crisis over garb…

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The Chile Winter

by llustration by Maddy Kloss Some of the snapshots from Chile’s ongoing student movement depict a lighthearted mobilization. Led by the charismatic Camila Vallejo, the students have used Twitter and Facebook to stage kiss-a-thons and superhero-themed costume protests. But other images have been more violent. Protesters have taken to the streets and set fire to government buildings and private businesses. In return, they have been bom…

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The Ultimate Gamble

…tyle, pro-democracy movement of liberally minded youth does not emerge (perhaps due to the perceived futility of mobilization), it is possible that both the Principlists and clerical establishment would seek to mobilize their own mass protests to bolster their respective claims to political legitimacy. At this stage, the outcome of the election would largely depend on which side can more effectively interfere with the opposing sides’ mobilization

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Egypt’s Military Coup: Take Two

by photo from Wikimedia Commons It was March 2011 and the Egyptian military had assumed executive power in what was dubbed a democratic transition. As I stood next to a military tank, I saw slogans such as “the people and the army are one hand” and believed that military rule was the best alternative to Mubarak. The tanks indicated the military’s role as protector during the transition to democracy, but the military’s actions since ha…

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Points for Participation

by Illustration by Justin Walker The Obama campaign’s direct and wide-scale efforts to mobilize the public in 2008 resulted in voter turnout rates unheard of since the 1960s. However, a report released by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate at American University predicts that there will be a drop in voter turnout for the 2012 elections due to political disenchantment among young voters. As the report summarizes, “Obam…

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