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…cale housing developments, which even now sell for $1 million a piece on average. The town is also a hotspot for marijuana-related violence. In 2005, police officers entered a violent gunfight on a marijuana farm atop Los Gatos’ Mount Umunhum. The police warden from Mountain View, California, was shot in the leg, and other officers were also injured. Terrance Helm, a spokesman from the Santa Clara County Sherriff Department, expressed his a…

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President Mujica Hopes to Manage Marijuana

…riously rebellious president, has recently proposed what some may call a radical bill, legalizing and monitoring marijuana sales, with the government becoming the sole legal seller. For President Mujica, this bill, far from being outrageous or amoral, is simply an “anti-crime” measure: Monitoring marijuana production and sale would greatly reduce the criminality surrounding the illegal production and selling of marijuana. In Uruguay, where mariju…

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Jazz, Jail, and the New Jim Crow

…but police find guns in fewer than 2 percent of stops. Most arrests during stop-and-frisk are for possession of marijuana. Over 1.5 million people are arrested annually not for violent crimes, but for non-violent drug charges – 750,000 are for nothing more than possession of marijuana. Black people are arrested for drugs at 13 times the rate of whites, despite the open secret confirmed in studies for at least a decade that whites sell and use dr…

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Why Would Anyone Need an Assault Weapon?

by Why would anyone ever need a military-style assault weapon with high-capacity magazines? Their presence in the hands of spree shooters like James Holmes and Adam Lanza certainly seems to indicate that they are weapons intended to kill many people. They are universally preferred by militaries and police forces all over the world. Even their aesthetic is intimidating: all black, menacing juts and sharp angles. These weapons, like the…

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The Symphony Slide

by By Derek Gleeson. (Own work.) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons In 2012, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra members took a $14,000 pay-cut to end their season-long lock out. Recently, the world-renowned, multi-Grammy-award-winning orchestra has been forced into yet another lock-out, after increasing disputes between the orchestra’s board and its musicians over a $2 million deficit. The or…

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“It Was The State”

by The disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School in Iguala, Guerrero on September 26th, 2014 lit the fuse that by November 8th was igniting the doors of Mexico City’s National Palace. Thousands of protesters gathered in the Zocalo of Mexico City, chanting “Fue el Estado”: “It was the State.” As the ornate baroque wood of the Palace, witness to almost four centuries of Mexican politics, was consumed in flames, the p…

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Shorty Keeps Running Away

by At 8:52 PM on July 11, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera – so called for his short stature – was pacing restlessly across his cell in Altiplano, Mexico’s only super-maximum-security prison. He proceeded to sit on his bed and change his shoes, just before walking to the shower area in the corner of his cell. Security camera footage showed him kneeling behind a waist-high concrete wall before disappearing into a blind spot. In a few sec…

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Seeing Through the Fog

by We all know what’s going on in Washington: somehow health care, the driest of all dry political issues, has become the most incendiary topic in politics. Politicians are shrieking at the President, constituents are fired up about… something, and grown men are crying into their pillows at night. Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, someone is paying his or her bill after a lovely meal and smiling at the fact that a surcharge…

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Don’t Step on the Crack

by Most people in Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia didn’t need a headline in The New York Times to tell them what they already knew. They were hardly surprised to pick up the Metro section last November and find “Camden Ranked Most Dangerous City.” To its neighbors, Camden, New Jersey is an easy punch line. It wasn’t until the late 1960s, though, that the economy was devastated by the closing of Campbell’s Soup, RCA, and New York S…

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Colombian Unrest Indicates Fundamental Instability

by from Wikimedia Commons The Alto de Berlin hill in Toribio, Colombia, witnessed quite a peculiar event on July 17. The troubled region has been a battlefield between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian army for the past five decades.  The endless conflict has resulted in many casualties, but on Wednesday, one group decided it had had enough of being in the crossfire. This isolated incident might indic…

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