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Ace Forum: Healthcare III

…ion of many varied conservatisms, all somewhat at odds with one another. Social conservatives, neoconservatives, libertarians, fiscal conservatives, and paleoconservatives all stress different values. For example, Rick Santorum’s socially conservative idea that government has a moral Christian duty to oppose abortion or gay marriage directly contradicts Ron Paul’s libertarian conservative position that government has absolutely no right to decide…

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Getting Profiled by Facebook

by Its veracity be damned, the conspiracy theory explained to me by Columbia Law Professor Eben Moglen was just plausible enough to be deeply unsettling, probably because it involved that most ubiquitous of generational signifiers: online social networking. It went a little something like this: back when Mark Zuckerberg needed startup capital for a certain internet venture, he attracted the interest of two downright sinister sources of…

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Conventional Wisdom

by From Wikimedia Commons This week, the president will finally know who he will be running against in the general election… officially, at least. It has been months since Mitt Romney safely clinched the GOP nomination by winning more than half of the allotted Republican National Convention delegates in the primaries, but now the Party gets to sign on the dotted line. While there were initially fears that Ron Paul supporters would sta…

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Highway 270: Wrap-Up

by From Wikimedia Commons This article is the last of a biweekly series called “Highway 270,” which profiled heavily contested states in the 2012 election season. As polling stations open and we await the returns, I offer the last of the “conventional wisdom” for the 2012 presidential election season, as well as my predictions, about which I will probably be sheepishly vague after tomorrow night. In light of CNN’s tremendously helpful…

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American In-Gene-uity

by A recent development in human genetic engineering has shaken the scientific and medical communities: A newly presented in vitro fertilization (IVF) technique involves the creation of a fertilized human egg with half of its nuclear DNA from one mother, the other half from the father, and the mitochondrial DNA from a second mother. Thus, the produced zygote and eventual fully-grown child would in a very unambiguous sense have three d…

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Election 2012: Third Wheel

by Traditionally, third-party candidates receive next to no attention in presidential races, mostly because it is an accepted truth that one could never win an election. However, this year a third party might shake things up; not by outright winning the election, but by receiving enough votes to affect who the final winner (either Romney or Obama) will be. One name that is often floated for a third party run is Ron Paul. Paul, an arden…

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An Impoverished Debate

by The protracted economic crisis that has entangled America since 2007 has produced an uproar of political reaction, galvanizing the public consciousness to demand answers to the bigger questions of our time: the role of government, the challenges of globalization, and the rapid rise of inequality have all been furiously debated. Furthermore, the pitch of political discussion and action has remained particularly feverous and ferociou…

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Giving Up the Gun

by Illustration by Leslie Koyama On the morning of March 30, 1981, President Ronald Reagan waved to the crowd as he departs a speaking event at a Washington D.C. hotel. Grinning characteristically, he holds out his hands to greet cries of “President Reagan!” with his benediction. John Hinckley, then, attempts to impress his idol Jodie Foster by firing six bullets at Reagan at point-blank range, and the statuesque figure of the Preside…

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Can America Stomach the Consumption Tax?

by Illustration by Clara Bryant The idea of ownership has had particular appeal for Americans ever since Thomas Jefferson envisioned a country full of independent yeoman farmers. It was therefore unsurprising that President Bush made an “ownership society” the domestic centerpiece of his reelection campaign. In his convention speech, he said that such a society would inspire “greater opportunity, more freedom, and more control over yo…

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Notes from the 15th Floor

by When I moved to New York City last year to attend Columbia University, I knew that finding housing would be a challenge; after three weeks of frustration, I finally managed to find an acceptable studio apartment one mile north of campus. What I didn’t know was that the apartment was available because the previous tenant had recently leapt to his death out of the 15th-story window. That element of surrealism would foreshadow some of…

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