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Hanging in the Balance

…U.K. will hold what David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, described on April 6 as “the most important election in a generation.” Given that this election is likely to either bring about Britain’s first post-election hung parliament since 1974, or the end of the Labour Party’s unprecedented 13 years in power, or, quite possible, both of the above, there is good reason to concur with Cameron’s assessment. Although The Economist deemed th…

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Bangladesh’s Shaky Democracy

…nister, had a phone conversation after many years. Zia had called to complain about arrangements for the general election due in January 2014.  The usual procedure before an election in Bangladesh is to install a caretaker government to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. However, this time around, Hasina claimed that there was no need for a caretaker government, arguing that democratic institutions were strong enough. The phone call was a chanc…

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Taipei Personalities

…ber of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the first female presidential candidate in Taiwan. The January election, restoring incumbent Ma as president, captured international attention as many anticipated a resulting shift in the precarious relationship between Taiwan and China. With the two main party candidates maintaining distinctly different stances on cross-strait policy, the election was expected to decide the future of the nation’s…

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The Ultimate Gamble

…nd a piecemeal approach to forge a path to political supremacy. Despite this potential, the recent parliamentary elections were seen as a victory for the supporters of the Supreme Leader, with Principlist candidates largely excluded from ballots. It may be the case that the Principlists are biding their time and hedging their bets on the presidential elections, which have a far greater significance, especially from the standpoint of national secu…

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Left on Main Street

…— the Democrats of Ohio. It was our second stop on a whirlwind get-out-the-vote tour around Ohio the week before Election Day, and I was riding along as a representative of my father in his bid for US Senate against Republican incumbent Mike DeWine. The tour targeted towns like Defiance, small and conservative enclaves typically dismissed by Democrats focusing on Ohio’s liberal base. Come Election Day, the tactic would prove effective after all;…

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Election 2012: Third Wheel

…e next to no attention in presidential races, mostly because it is an accepted truth that one could never win an election. However, this year a third party might shake things up; not by outright winning the election, but by receiving enough votes to affect who the final winner (either Romney or Obama) will be. One name that is often floated for a third party run is Ron Paul. Paul, an ardent libertarian and Republican in name only (RINO), still re…

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Sleep After Election Day

…g number of volunteers, when I visited Obama’s local campaign office in New Hampshire a few days before the 2008 election, I couldn’t help but be over-whelmed by their energy and sense of urgency. “You can sleep after election day,” I heard one volunteer say, and this battle cry seemed to capture a truth of the 2008 presidential campaign — that the election mattered, not only because of the president it would elect, but because of the sense of be…

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Election 2012: Super PAC-Men

…by It is said that money talks, and indeed, individuals with great wealth want to influence this year’s election to serve their own purposes: Enter the Super PAC. Super Political Action Committees (super PACs) are a new paradigm in campaign finance that has arisen out of the controversial Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court case in 2010. The effect of the Court’s decision is that individuals, or individuals grou…

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Grooming the Globe

…earned thirty years ago: there are lucrative opportunities for growth offshore. During the off years in American elections, consultants disperse to almost every country and are often on both sides of international elections. In the words of reporter Walter Shapiro, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a nation in possession of an upcoming election must be in want of an American political consultant.” The movement goes back to Sawyer Mille…

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Distilled Democracy

…towards the democratic voting processes.  Since the historically low voter turnout during the 1996 presidential election — during which less than 50 percent of the voting-age population participated — the collective attitude towards voting in elections has been one of frustration or sarcasm, that we are in some sense humoring American democracy by going to the voting booth, or even that voting in elections has been reduced to a sort of symbolic…

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