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Taipei Personalities

…c intent, the two most recent presidential candidates incorporated various emotional appeals into their election campaigns. This reliance upon emotional appeal is influenced by two factors. First, because of the population’s rigid division based on party loyalties, the campaign strategies of the two main political party candidates are shaped predominantly by the image and the history of the two parties. And, more important, presidential election…

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Citizens United, Columbians Divided

by Illustration by Kaela Chambers In 2010, the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission held that corporations and unions could not be prohibited from broadcasting electioneering communications (ads that mention a candidate) within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary, which had previously been the restriction of the McCain-Feingold Act since 2002. What does this mean for the way campaigns and p…

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Blast from the Past: Citizens United; Columbians Divided

by In 2010, the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission held that corporations and unions could not be prohibited from broadcasting electioneering communications (ads that mention a candidate) within 60 days of a general election or 30 days of a primary, which had previously been the restriction of the McCain-Feingold Act since 2002. What does this mean for the way campaigns and policymaking are influenced in t…

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Grooming the Globe

by Illustration by Daryl Seitchik One can hardly fail to notice the growing “cornflake-ification” of politics in the midst of the 2012 Republican primaries. Ideology has become irrelevant; the focus is now on personality. A candidate’s hairstyle counts as much as his views on immigration – or on, say, Libya. The voter is the consumer, the candidate the product. Behind this growing business lurk some of the most powerful men of the mod…

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The Fact Check Republic

…omplicated or do not have a clear true or false answer. For example, during the 2012 presidential election, both campaigns frequently cited the increase in the federal budget deficit. It is difficult to calculate how much the federal budget deficit has actually increased because both campaigns use differing time periods for their calculations. In the same campaign, fact checkers had a tricky time ascertaining the truth of the Obama campaign’s cla…

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Cuomo in Control

…n finance laws that allow independent expenditures of unlimited amounts as long as there is no coordination with campaigns. If NYSUT wished to make contributions directly to campaigns, the limit would be $10,300. The Daily News reported NYSUT could spend as much as $500,000 on Senator Joseph Addabbo’s re-election campaign, who is in a competitive race against Republican Councilman Eric Ulrich. NYSUT reportedly is also considering spending $250,00…

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A Game of Groans

by from Wikimedia Commons This week President Obama and Mitt Romney will come together, face-to-face, for the first time in front of the national audience. They will debate domestic policy at the University of Denver, moderated by PBS’ Jim Lehrer. This debate is highly critical to both campaigns, but definitely more so for Romney, who has seen his opponent take the lead in national and state polls following the Democratic Convention a…

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Citizens Standing United

by Photo from C-SPAN3 In his notable dissent in Ligget Co. v Lee (1933), Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis noted that corporations “have brought such concentration of economic power that so-called private corporations are sometimes able to dominate the state.” What Brandeis observed in the twentieth century has again become a threat today. Not since the Gilded Age has money in politics become such a corrosive problem. Through the S…

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Africa Disempowe(red)

by A few months ago, I was standing in line at the Gap when I overheard a mother talking to her young daughter. “Buying this shirt will help us to save Africans,” she said, smiling as she waved a child-size shirt that read “INSPI(RED)” across the chest. I wondered if this could possibly be true. We’ve all seen the ads for Product (RED)’s Gap t-shirt campaign: a celebrity stands against a neutral backdrop and stares at the camera, sport…

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(First) Ladies First

…Romney stayed away from the issue all together and Mrs. Obama was mostly avoiding the issue as well because both campaigns would rather focus on the economy. But this issue has been so controversial lately because both other politicians (remember Senator Santorum during the primaries, and Senator Akin most recently) and the public want to discuss it. These campaigns cannot avoid this issue just because they want to focus on other topics, especial…

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