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Self Indulgent Activism

by Ahmadinejad visits Columbia, 2007 During my first semester at college, I learned to love Columbia for the curiosity, diversity, expressiveness and eloquence of its student body. This is a community bursting with opinions, energy, advocacy and activism, and I was excited at the prospect of being surrounded by intensely articulate, rabidly passionate peers who were working to promote change they thought was important. At the close of…

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Mark Rudd — Activism and the Weather Underground

…y engaged, and how does it need to grow? In what ways has your generation developed its approach to advocacy and activism, and do you expect the current youth to follow a similar trajectory as they age? MR: Young people often tell me that nothing anyone does can make a difference. So why bother educating oneself on social issues or engaging in activism if the outcome will be nothing? Better to maximize one’s personal entertainment, which a…

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Invisible Children

…of students. The lack of traditional engagement by the 18-24-year-old cohort has been seen as the end of student activism. But these criticisms are blind to the diversity and subtle power of the student action happening today. Unlike activism during the Vietnam War, there is no unifying cry, no single message. And methods have changed. Forty years ago, the violent takeovers of buildings, paralyzing strikes and destruction of property were visible…

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Classroots Activism

by Brian Jones has a lot to be excited about. A New York City public school teacher deeply involved in grassroots organizing, he sees a growing radical vision among his fellow activists. “More and more parents and teachers are beginning to understand that it’s not about this policy or that, but really an all-out war over public education,” he explains. In the past several years, there have been numerous flare-ups of protest activity…

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An Incomprehensive Overview of CU Activism

by photo from Wikimedia Commons “On October 17, 2012 at 9:00am a Tabletop Exercise was conducted by Columbia University’s Emergency Management Operations Team in room 555 of Lerner Hall located on the Morningside Campus.  The exercise provided an open, no-fault environment where participants collectively evaluated emergency protocol plans and the coordination of campus Emergency Management Operations Team personnel in the event of a s…

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Judging the Judges

…onfirmation hearing, so it’s hard to read much into it, but that he then has managed to exercise a great deal of activism yet there is this story about how they [the Roberts Court] are not [exercising a great deal of activism]. And I do not think that the Justices actually think of themselves as engaging in activism, but are instead doing what I described earlier—being influenced by a certain understanding of the social world around them, but the…

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27 Million Bound

…advance these goals. So far, the anti-slavery movement has not used social media effectively. Of course, online activism should be approached with caveats. As Malcolm Gladwell rightly argued in a recent New Yorker article on activism, social change cannot happen without a sustained commitment. Gladwell points out that “the Facebook page of the Save Darfur Coalition has 1,282,339 members, who have donated an average of nine cents apiece… Facebook…

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Pipe Dream: How Environmentalists Stopped Keystone but Ignored an Oil Revolution

…the broader institutions—like fracking—that enable fossil fuel dependence. That is not to say that anti-fracking activism is nonexistent. The anti-fracking movement has achieved several notable political victories already, including a complete ban on the practice in New York State. Compared with the anti-Keystone movement, however, anti-fracking activism has largely been decentralized and focused on local effects. Fracking has not garnered nearly…

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Orange Environmentalism

by   A few weeks ago, I ran into a fellow Columbia student at a bar who appeared, in the dim lighting, to be wearing a red felt square pinned to her jacket. Those of you who follow my columns may be aware of my (healthy) obsession with the Québec student movement, and so you can imagine my excitement to […]

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Egypt Forum III: Social Media Marches On

…ing back in the face of government corruption–has widely been cited as the spark that helped ignite future activism. Indeed, Said himself posted footage of his killer’s illegal activities on his blog shortly before his death. While pro-government supporters may garner support on occasion on the streets of Egypt, the larger, global network of social activism has never been and almost certainly never will be on the side of a man and a m…

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