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Highway 270: Wisconsin

…heavily contested states in the 2012 election season. This week, I will examine the current political climate in Wisconsin, which has 10 electoral votes. Unlike perennial toss-up states Florida and Ohio, Wisconsin hasn’t gone Republican since 1984 (though many of its ultimately Democratic victories were narrow) and is fairly new to being a swing state. Predictably, then, its electoral votes seemed virtually guaranteed for Obama at the beginning o…

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Walker, Wisconsin Governor

…pite the local nature of the recall, it still has important national ramifications. The lessons learned from the Wisconsin recall election are pertinent to both presidential candidates and provide a preview for what to expect in the coming months. By choosing to keep Scott Walker, Wisconsin voters, acting as a microcosm for the nation at large, showed that they support politicians who keep their word, even if doing so means enacting controversial…

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Buckeye Bull’s-eye

…wa, and New Hampshire into the Romney column. Even with all of those additions, Romney only stands at 267 votes. Wisconsin and Ohio are the only two tossups left; give Obama Wisconsin (Obama will probably win there), and there we have it – whoever wins Ohio wins the presidency. Among the tossups, even if Obama takes Wisconsin, Iowa, and New Hampshire, if Romney takes the rest and Ohio then he wins. If Romney cannot steal Wisconsin from Obama, the…

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Occupy Wall Street: A Birthday in Context

…reated this time in the Great Recession. However, it was also inspired by the more recent Walkerville protest of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s attack on the working class, which itself came out of the inspirational and catalyzing Wisconsin Capitol Hill occupation. Wisconsin set a new tone for resistance across the United States. After enduring more than 30 years of relentless assault on working-class living standards, Wisconsin’s teachers put…

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Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport

by Wisconsin protests from Wikimedia Commons There’s a reason that one of the most popular chants in Madison, Wisconsin during protesters’ occupation of the capitol building was “This is what democracy looks like!” Because only being able to choose between two corporate-funded, unaccountable representatives is not democracy. There’s also a reason that the Democrats lost in Wisconsin earlier this month—not that incumbent governor Scott…

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Romney-Ryan Offers Hope for America

…y’s Mormon faith while also increasing the ticket’s attractiveness to independent Catholics. He is a blue-collar Wisconsinite, adding a much-needed “common man appeal” that contrasts with Romney’s privileged upbringing. His Midwestern roots will also be appreciated in the critical swing states of Ohio, Iowa, and, of course, Wisconsin. Yes, Ryan’s presence on the ticket, coupled with strong support from Governor Scott Walker (particularly strong s…

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Highway 270: Wrap-Up

by From Wikimedia Commons This article is the last of a biweekly series called “Highway 270,” which profiled heavily contested states in the 2012 election season. As polling stations open and we await the returns, I offer the last of the “conventional wisdom” for the 2012 presidential election season, as well as my predictions, about which I will probably be sheepishly vague after tomorrow night. In light of CNN’s tremendously helpful…

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Jamie Boothe

by Jamie Boothe is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in biochemistry, with plans to attend medical school. He is the Director of Operations for the Columbia University College Republicans, and he is both a strong social and fiscal conservative. He can be reached at Not One for Talking October 16, 2012 2:05 am  This election year has seen […]

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Melting the Snowball Effect

by From Wikimedia Commons Bad job numbers, the president’s not so “fine” gaffe, a failed recall attempt in Wisconsin, a plethora of White House scandals – and to top it all off, Mitt Romney, the guy who two months ago elicited no more than a deferential shrug from the average Republican, out-fundraised the Obama campaign by over $16 million in May. Altogether, the news is daunting to Democrats and harmful to the president’s re-e…

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One Week Out

by An empty Times Square station from Wikimedia Commons Election seasons are often defined by three events. The debates, conventions, and V.P. picks. This cycle was no different. Pundits claimed these moments were Romney’s three opportunities to sell himself. And he did in the debate. But they’re all over now. So what’s left? What is there still to talk about except the hundreds of polls released everyday? Two events. Sandy, the reaso…

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