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Acknowledging the Americas

…ts steady warnings of US exploitation. Chávez’s rhetoric, however, is a mere political tool. It does not capture Venezuela’s full political and economic reality. Despite the criticisms levied against the US government, Venezuela is highly reliant on the increasing material benefits of trade with its top trading partner: the United States. In 2009 alone, trade between the two countries reached $37 billion; 45 percent of Venezuelan exports went to…

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Events 10/06 – 10/12

…of Commerce and Industry. He worked advising and coordinating several industrial and infrastructure projects in Venezuela. Abstract: Few words within the South American political dictionary would be as related to each other as Venezuela and petroleum. Together, they have been at the forefront of some of the most dramatic events that have shaped the region in the last fifteen years – Constitutional re-designs, military coup d’tat, gen…

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“Socialismo, Patria, te moriste”

by A 2002 anti-Chavez rally, from Wikimedia Commons I’ve been meaning to write about the Venezuelan elections for a while, but I never truly found the incentive to do so until I ended conversing with a group of students with close ties to Venezuela on the eve of the elections. Although most of them do not live there anymore, they spent significant time growing up in the country and hold strong ties to it. As we spoke of tomorrow’s dem…

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This Sunday, Chavez vs. Opposition – Round Four

by photo from Wikimedia Commons The other day, President Obama was “fortunate” enough to receive an unexpected backing: “I hope this doesn’t harm Obama, but if I was from the United States, I’d vote for Obama,” said Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela and staunch anti-American. Though this was an endorsement Obama would have loved to avoid (and accusations from the Republican camps immediately appeared) it…

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Events 02/16 – 02/22

… Wednesday, February 18th Exclusionary Inclusion: Popular Sectors and Social Movements in Venezuelan 21th-Century Socialism Wednesday, February 18, 2015 – 1:00pm  –  2:00pm Avery Hall, Room 115 The Venezuela popular model of incorporation under Chavismo  could be defined as tutelary and exclusionary: tutelary because it involved the creation and promotion of popular organizations by President Chvez and e…

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Umm… lo siento, no entender. No hablar español!

by Standing on the beach in Brazil, a Portuguese speaking country, my friends and I roll our eyes and strain to stifle our laughter as the family of American tourists behind us attempts to brush away a persistent beach peddler. How bad were they? Frankly, typing a tilde over the “n” in their pronunciation of español would be quite generous. As the joke goes, “What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you cal…

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Friending Cuba

…when the shit hits the fans. As of yet unable to tap into its own offshore oil reserves and highly dependent on Venezuelan subsidies (especially of oil—they took on average 94,000 free barrels a day in 2008) , the Cuban state is on the brink, especially when one considers that the Venezuelan handouts cannot last forever given the effect of the economic crisis and falling price of oil on Venezuela. Granted, Cuba has weathered such austerity befor…

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2012 Latin American Political Playbook

…ead. It looks to be action-packed, by any measure. Chávez Wins Reelection Amidst Fraud and International Disgust Venezuela holds presidential elections this year as well, pitting incumbent international curmudgeon and “Bolivarian Socialist” Hugo Chávez against opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski. Radonski is the current governor of Miranda state (and an iffy Columbia alumnus). Venezuelan opposition parties, while widely-varying in pol…

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Putting Foreign Policy Back on the Map

by from Wikimedia Commons Heading into election day, the country seems set for a showdown. The final weeks have seen rollercoaster poll ratings. Obama, who enjoyed a comfortable lead for much of the election season, has had to deal with surging Romney popularity, and polls now point almost to a dead tie. Last week the candidates addressed in their final debate a topic that has thus far been conspicuously absent: foreign policy. As we…

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Grooming the Globe

by Illustration by Daryl Seitchik One can hardly fail to notice the growing “cornflake-ification” of politics in the midst of the 2012 Republican primaries. Ideology has become irrelevant; the focus is now on personality. A candidate’s hairstyle counts as much as his views on immigration – or on, say, Libya. The voter is the consumer, the candidate the product. Behind this growing business lurk some of the most powerful men of the mod…

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