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Identity Theft? An Exploration of Ukrainian National Identity in the Conflict with Russia

…ires be understood in relation to the Ukrainian conflict and arguments of self-determination in Crimea? AJM: The USSR was the world’s last empire, and its end in 1989-1991 was a classic instance of imperial “collapse”—the sudden, rapid, and comprehensive dismantling of the imperial system. Ukraine, like the other non-Russian states, was thus a Russian colony that became independent largely because the USSR fell apart into its constituent units. U…

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Afghanistan’s Terrible Trajectory

by Karzai (WikiCommons) Much discussion has surrounded the (anticipated) full withdrawal of American troops  from Afghanistan by end of this year. As a staunch critic of the war’s operations and foreign policy objectives, I was beyond happy upon news of what would be the end of this long-fought conflict. Yet, despite my initial excitement, far-ranging issues—such as the still looming and persistent threat from Al-Qaeda, the Af-Pak deb…

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The Lady is Not For Turning

by WikiCommons Margaret Thatcher was a conviction politician, driven by ideas and grounded in her principles. Her unshakeable belief  in economic liberalism and political freedom spread across the world. She oversaw the fall of communism in the USSR while China, India and Latin America opened up their economies and freed up their markets, leading to an era of unprecedented prosperity. Her legacy at home though is quite mixed.   To som…

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A Fresh Order of Domino Theory

by a US foreign policy, domino theory argued that the fall of a nation to communism would trigger and fuel the spread of communism to neighboring nations. The Soviet Empire wished death upon American principles, liberties, and ideals, with a communist backbone rivaling that of Hitler’s fascism. If left unchecked, the Soviet Union could spread across the globe—a string of “falling dominos”— until it isolated its final opposition and unl…

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Things Go Better with Coke

by Photos of villagers in Myanmar from Wikimedia Commons A pretty accurate barometer for a country’s international standing is probably how many foreign brands it hosts. I’m not equating material benchmarks with progress, but most Fortune 500 companies will do business in even the most ramshackle and violent of countries. So, it is telling that North Korea (DPRK) and Myanmar belong to one of the world’s most exclusive clubs: Along wit…

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Events 11/03 – 11/09

by Monday, November 3rd AgCenter Seminar 2:00pm – 3:00pm Low Memorial Library Burden Room, #206 The Earth Institute’s Agriculture and Food Security Center (AgCenter) presents “Elucidating Sustainable Agroecosystems Across Scales and Disciplines,” with Johan Six, Full Professor, Sustainable Agroecosystems, Department of Environmental System Science, ETH, Zurich. Dr. Six received his PhD in Soil Science in…

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Book Review: North Korea’s Juche Myth

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Close But No Cigar

by   Ten years ago, hardly anyone would have been able to predict that a new era of relations between Cuba and the United States would start with Netflix. And yet, last month’s expansion of the American on-demand streaming service into Cuba signified the first step of a brighter future between two old North American rivals. For the better part […]

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Dire Straits

by Illustrations by Amalia Rinehart Ever since Egypt’s great Pharaonic dynasties and through the successive apogees of Athens, Rome, and Istanbul, the Mediterranean Sea has been at the world’s political center, constantly in the grip of global powers. Thanks to its geographical position, the Mediterranean basin has played a critical role in commercial and cultural exchanges between mighty Asia, old Europe, and the great new world. How…

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Jockeying for Position

by Pick your poison: Mao and Nixon Recent world events in which the US has been reticent to act have brought China’s possible role as the leader in world politics to the forefront of public discussion. In August of last year, the Assad regime in Syria used chemical weapons (in the form of the nerve agent Sarin) against rebels opposed to his regime. This move symbolized the crossing of what was supposed to be America’s red line, but th…

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