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Seoul Mates

by Independence from Japanese colonial rule was short lived in August, 1945 when a month later the 38th Parallel was drawn between the two Koreas. In the subsequent years, the two Koreas formed two very different social structures, shifting from a time of war to a shaky period of truce. Seventy years have passed since the division of Korea and the Northern regime has now reached its third successor, Kim Jong-Un. Many believed that the…

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Unhealed Wounds

by   On Thursday morning, March 5, South Koreans were in consternation at the sight of the bleeding American ambassador, Mark W. Lippert, played and replayed on TV. The attack occurred at a restaurant at the Sejong Center for performing arts, where Lippert was to deliver an address for the breakfast event sponsored by the organization Korean Council for Reconciliation […]

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An Uncomfortable Past

by   Although South Korean president Park Geun-Hye was elected into office as a conservative candidate, she has been taking radical steps in diplomacy. Since 1992, when South Korea established official diplomatic relations with China, all newly inaugurated presidents have visited the United States, Japan, and China in that order; however, President Park flatly ignored this tradition, visiting the U.S. […]

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Winds of Change from an Unlikely Place

by   North Korea has time and again abashed its neighbor to the south and other powers in the peninsular region: in 2013, the recalcitrant player followed up on its launching of the long-range rocket Unha-3 in the preceding year with its third nuclear test and then, as if that wasn’t enough, went so far as to issue a public […]

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Jenny Yeji Yoo

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by rms procurements are a great barometer for determining a state’s threat perceptions and the “pressure” of its environment. A weapons system provides discrete capabilities and is itself a response or counter to specific threats. In Southeast and East Asia, commentators have focused heavily on a perceived naval arms race. Regional states have started procuring weapon systems with a strong naval focus, with surface ships, submarines,…

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Playing the Zero-Sum like a Positive-Sum

by During his visit to Vietnam, US Secretary of State John Kerry repeatedly asserted confidence in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). He expressed optimism about the future of the deal on August 7, 2015: “I’m very very confident that the TPP is gonna boost trade, improve worker standards, improve environment standards, have a consequence of really raising the standards of business for 40 percent of the global economy, and for that re…

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Me Against the World

by Hajy next to the Mural of Robert Muhammad Wangila on Kibera Drive Serbit Said, called Hajy by all who know him, is a famous face all over Kibera. Hajy lives in Makina, on the same plot of land that his Nubian family settled on several generations ago. Hajy’s home is certainly one of the nicest in Kibera, where Hajy and his father are the landlords to about 30 families. Generally landlords have a notorious reputation for being…

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Environmental Justice

by In the coming years, will we see environmental preservation as a new approach of state policy directed at preventing and resolving conflict? I think Professor Wangari Maathai answers this question best when she says, “[T]here can be no peace without equitable development; and there can be no development without sustainable management of the environment in a democratic and peaceful space. This shift is an idea whose time has come.” T…

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Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

by The relative peace that has followed the Korean War ended with an explosion in  March of last year, when North Korea torpedoed a South Korean naval ship. Eight months later, the North Korean military shelled a South Korean island on the border, claiming four lives. These attacks prompted discussions of war between the two nations for the first time in almost fifty years, a war that would inevitably involve the 28,000 US soldiers sta…

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