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A Fresh Order of Domino Theory

…s article aims to better analyze the symmetrical affects of domino theory as they correspond to Vladimir Putin’s Russia, its foreign policy objectives, and national security strategy. This article also aims to address the historical significance and consequences of policy misinterpretations within Western-Russian relations. Recent events have amplified international focus on Russian influence in the “near abroad”—the group of non-Russian states f…

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Identity Theft? An Exploration of Ukrainian National Identity in the Conflict with Russia

…artist. He is a professor of political science at Rutgers University and specializes in the history of Ukraine, Russia, and the USSR. His recent piece “Is Russia Artificial?” published last November in the Foreign Policy Journal, responds to statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine’s historical artificiality—an interpretation that Putin uses as justification for the seizure of Crimea and ongoing conflict. He writes “The fact is…

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East Meets West

…d to a deceptively simple question: Is Georgia a European state or an Asian one? Geographically situated between Russia and Turkey, it may appear irrefutably Asian. But this question will be resolved not by cartographers but rather by an array of perilous diplomatic maneuvers and drastic economic reforms. Georgia’s central government yearns for the benefits of a closer relationship with the West. At the same time, Russia shows far greater interes…

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Crimea and Punishment

…tin made another crucial shift in direction. Up until then he had been using the word Rossisskii to describe the Russian people, a word more associated with citizenship on the state level. This time, he claimed that Kiev is a Russkii (ethnicly Russian) city and that the Russkii people were made one of the largest divided nations in the world when the former Soviet republics split. It was the culmination of his courtship of nationalist, revanchist…

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In Ukraine, Two Disparate Futures of Geopolitics

by   By all accounts, the Ukrainian Crisis should not be happening. Whether it be through the assurances given by Russia in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 to respect Ukraine’s “territorial integrity”, the clear and sharp detrimental economic effects that Russia would be (and is now) incurring, or the general idea of an age where interstate war has been consigned […]

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Petrol Patronage

…could stand to play an important role in resolving the ongoing crisis between Iran and the West. In particular, Russia’s position on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and its important regional role in the Middle East could allow it to block progress on the Iran issue. The question is, will it? Deciphering Russian intentions is not an easy game, although that has not kept some from trying. Much of the literature on Russia’s relationship…

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Befriending the Bear

…e is almost menacing. Two penetrating, steel-blue eyes gaze downward at the viewer, the mouth calm but clenched. Russian president Vladimir Putin, Time’s 2007 Person of the Year, projects a threatening image in the magazine’s cover shot. The same could be said about Russia’s current image in the West. Western observers have decried Moscow’s silencing of opposition leaders and state control of the press, as well as Russia’s use of its natural gas…

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Diplomacy on Ice

…solely on the State Parties’ goodwill rather than on any kind of enforceable law. Ironically enough, it is Russia – and not China – that has publicly announced intentions to start exploring Antarctica’s underground in the next few years, despite China’s known interest in the region. Last June, for the first time since the dismantlement of the Soviet Union, Moscow outspokenly tested Washington’s willingness to prevent Russia from proje…

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by Illustrations by Stephanie Mannheim In Russia’s parliamentary elections on December 4, 2011, United Russia – the party of President-turned-Prime Minister-turned-current-President Vladimir Putin – won the majority of seats in the Duma, the Russian Parliament, amid cries (and video evidence) of widespread election fraud. On December 5, Russians took to the streets in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Over the course of the next three months…

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Dire Straits

…e’s heritage. From then on, the Rurik and Romanov dynasties, leaders of the Grand Duchy of Moscow and Tsardom of Russia, had a clear strategic imperative: to “release the potential of the third Rome,” as Catherine the Great put it. At the time, since the far north was already a de facto part of the Tsardom (albeit unnavigable), Russian tsars then had one priority: conquer new territories to the south and east. Ivan the Terrible conquered Siberia…

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