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Conventional Wisdom

…gates in the primaries, but now the Party gets to sign on the dotted line. While there were initially fears that Ron Paul supporters would stage a libertarian uprising at the Convention by forcing a second ballot free-for-all vote, it is now safely assumed that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be nominated for president and vice-president, respectively. Ron Paul ended up getting more delegates than he rightfully deserves (in other words, the share…

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Election 2012: Third Wheel

…t who the final winner (either Romney or Obama) will be. One name that is often floated for a third party run is Ron Paul. Paul, an ardent libertarian and Republican in name only (RINO), still remains as a candidate for the GOP nomination, although the race is almost over and he has not yet won a state. Paul will stay in the race as long as he can out of a desire to preserve the discussion about liberty and isolationism, but many among his feveri…

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Tampa, We Have a Problem

…l television are not helping. Uncle Owen (the smoldering skeleton guy from Star Wars) could have been describing Ron Paul when he said, “That wizard’s just a crazy old man.” Unlike Obi-Wan Kenobi, however, Paul doesn’t have any Jedi mind tricks to play. When the votes are cast, Ron Paul will be nowhere near the Republican nomination. Newt Gingrich is a marginal player at this point, and if Santorum is able to continue carrying the fight to Romney…

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Modest Proposal: Misdiagnosis

…ding health insurance are bankruptcy for the medical system or having taxpayers foot the bill for the uninsured. Ron Paul “the doctor” inadvertently made the same argument that Ron Paul “the presidential candidate” could not accept. At the end of the day, election demographics pushed the candidates into such a pointless argument. Medicare is of paramount importance to the elderly, which is the GOP’s backbone. Meanwhile Democrats rely upon enticin…

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Paul Ryan’s First Love

by photo from Wikimedia Commons On September 6, 2011, Tom Nielsen, a retired 71-year-old plumber, interrupted Paul Ryan’s “pay per view town hall” at the Greenfield, WI, Rotary Club. Nielsen, enraged by Ryan’s crusade against entitlements, yelled out, “I’ve paid into that for 50 years, for my unemployment, and my social security, and my Medicare! And now you’re gonna-”. The old man was not allowed to finish. Three security guards pumm…

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Events 04/13-04/18

…il this year, hosting accomplished journalist Jamie Kirchick, best known for breaking the story on Texas Senator Ron Paul’s homophobic and racist newsletters, whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the New Republic. Currently a Fellow with the Foreign Policy Institute, Kirchick discussed contemporary challenges to American foreign policy and life as an overseas journalist. Emphasizing that Europe was far…

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Political Minutes: George Stephanopoulos

…utside the Gingrich-Santorum-Romney trifecta gaining momentum in the primary is “far-fetched.”  When asked about Ron Paul, Stephanopoulos thoughtfully answered that he did not believe Paul was unconditionally seeking the presidency, but was rather trying to increase his influence within the Republican Party to provide a platform for his son, Rand Paul. Stephanopoulos additionally predicted that the GOP’s weakness in this election, and perhaps in…

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Ace Forum: Healthcare III

…ervative idea that government has a moral Christian duty to oppose abortion or gay marriage directly contradicts Ron Paul’s libertarian conservative position that government has absolutely no right to decide on such matters. Understanding the Republican Party’s shift from the traditional conservatism (or paleoconservatism as some might call it) of their 1993 healthcare proposal to the libertarian conservatism of the 2009 opposition to the very sa…

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The Ryan-Romney Ticket

by photo from Wikimedia Commons “The next President of the United States, Paul Ryan.” I think Mitt might be having a bit of an identity crisis. When introducing his vice presidential running-mate, Paul Ryan, Governor Romney triumphantly declared the congressman as Mr. Obama’s successor. Oops. In the biggest moment of his campaign, the biggest moment of his public life thus far, Romney forgot for just a second (or maybe it was just Fre…

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Grand Ol’ Pageant

…this in mind, the media could be considered the Republican candidates’ biggest enemy. Outside of the Fed-bashing Ron Paul (whose political career over the past decade is a Homeric epithet) and the Pokémon-quoting Herman Cain (whose 9-9-9 plan confirmed that simplicity, truly, is marketing gold), defeat in the Republican primary has been a matter of allowing the media to package your campaigns into a central flaw. Success, all the same, has been a…

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