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Mitt Romney Can’t Conquer the World

by from Wikimedia Commons Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s trip to the United Kingdom received heightened media coverage after he told NBC’s Brian Williams, “There are a few things that were disconcerting.  The stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials…that obviously is not something which is encouraging.” Romney’s critical commentary on the L…

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Grand Ol’ Pageant

…ssion.” Despite its initial criticism of the “treasonous” comment, many in the media – initially wary of a quick Romney coronation during the primaries – accepted the Perry campaign spin because it created a clear contrast to the flip-flopping Mitt Romney. Yet no one could foresee Perry’s debate performance, which taught us so much more about him. Unlike in the case of the Bernanke comment, Perry’s attempt to spin “OOPS”-Gate only entrenched him…

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The Ryan-Romney Ticket

…be having a bit of an identity crisis. When introducing his vice presidential running-mate, Paul Ryan, Governor Romney triumphantly declared the congressman as Mr. Obama’s successor. Oops. In the biggest moment of his campaign, the biggest moment of his public life thus far, Romney forgot for just a second (or maybe it was just Freudian), exactly why he was running for president. Paul Ryan is a man of conviction. He’s been in the House for 13 ye…

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Calling on Condi

…l be scrutinized even closer than it has been in the past. As he has stressed over and over again in interviews, Romney will choose someone who is prepared to be president should something happen to him while in office, a direct rejection of the Sarah Palin choice. While Romney wants to pick someone who will aim to satisfy at least some of the aforementioned aims, he does not want to be too obvious in trying to appeal to one group or another or m…

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Buckeye Bull’s-eye

…g a get-out-the-vote miracle or a freak November surprise, Arizona and North Carolina are relatively safe in the Romney column and Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Nevada are relatively safe for Obama (although Nevada is much less safe than the rest). That leaves Wisconsin, Florida, New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia as the states that will be in play next Tuesday. Now for the guesswork. Let’s give Florida to Romn…

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Election 2012: Game Change 2.0

…iscussion became almost solely about Palin and her flaws, rather than Obama’s abject unpreparedness. If and when Romney secures the nomination, his first decision, – picking a VP – will likely be essential to his strategy for the general election. With the Palin debacle still fresh in many Republican minds, an obvious plan would be for Romney to do exactly the opposite of what McCain did in ’08 and pick the most boring and nondescript candidate p…

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Highway 270: Wrap-Up

…hope that whichever candidate wins gets enough votes from other states that the Florida contest doesn’t matter. Romney’s leading in the Rasmussen Reports poll, but it’s within the margin of error and therefore too close to (officially) call. Final verdict: tricky, but given the way 2000 ended, I’m going to hand this one to Romney. He better be grateful for the gift—it’ll be a tough road to 270 without it. Ohio: Some survey centers put Obama just…

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Romney-Ryan Offers Hope for America

…rings many electoral benefits to the ticket. The young congressman will likely add a hefty dose of energy to the Romney campaign that could help with the youth vote; even though Romney adheres to a strictly sober style, his campaign has sometimes come across as too lethargic. A devoted Catholic, Ryan will shore up support among Christian conservatives who have been leery of Romney’s Mormon faith while also increasing the ticket’s attractiveness t…

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Election 2012: March Madness

…previously forecast as the month that would decide the Republican presidential nomination (read: the month that Romney would clinch it), has instead reduced the race to an excruciating slog to 1144, the number of delegates that a candidate must secure to receive the nomination. At the time of this writing, Romney leads with 484, followed by Santorum with 239, Gingrich with 136, and Paul with 69; there are 1358 delegates left to be allocated in t…

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Obvious Gaffes and Subtle Humility

by From Wikimedia Commons So Mitt Romney goes to London and insults the British, just as they’re preparing for the biggest event in England since the release of the last Harry Potter movie. The gaffe, in which Romney questioned London’s preparedness for the event, honestly made me scratch my head. What was he thinking? Politically, there was no upside. He didn’t make himself look better, nor did he seem more presidential. Ideologicall…

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